Kampus Albertov Research Center Competition

Submission: January 15, 2016
Registration: January 15, 2016
Language: Czech
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Prizes: Design Contract
Type: Restricted


The oldest university in Central Europe, the Charles University in Prague, announces an open, anonymous, two-round, architectural project competition for its two new research centres in Prague’s centre at Kampus Albertov.

Charles University in Prague has already secured all the necessary finances for completion of their Campus Albertov. Two research centres are planned to be built, hosting world class science programs, students and researchers. It will be the biggest investment of Charles University into the development in the city centre during the last 100 years.


The Biocentrum and Globcentrum of the Albertov Campus should attract excellent research teams from the ranks of current employees of the participating faculties. They will also provide opportunities for other top scientists from the Czech Republic and abroad. Focus is on the interdisciplinary nature of subjects addressed in research projects and on the use of synergies stemming from the collaboration of scientific teams from the three faculties of the Charles University which all focus on natural sciences.

Infrastructures built within the Albertov Campus Project should further promote the character of the location as an ‘academic quarter’. In addition to new spaces for research and education, they will also provide adequate social facilities, which are nowadays standard part of modern university campuses.

The planning and building of the two centres is currently addressed as one integral whole. The project emphasises energetic sustainability of the new buildings. Given the location and importance of the project, the building design will be chosen by a public tender.


The current plan includes the following general research areas:


Biochemistry and metabolism

Cellular systems in health and illness

Infection and immunity

Genetics, genomics, and bioinformatics

Chemical synthesis, materials research, and nanotechnology

Spectral and structural research of materials


Climate changes and atmospheric processes

The dynamics of natural processes and changes in the landscape

Socioeconomic and demographic manifestations of global processes and changes


Geochemistry, biogeochemistry, and toxicology

Ecosystems, biodiversity, and biological invasions

Geoinformatics and geostatistics

New research sites, Biocentrum and Globcentrum, will open in the Albertov area in Prague 2 within a couple of years, to become centers of undergraduate and doctoral studies. The university will also try to recruit top international experts for these sites. New Campus Albertov will continue to be used by the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, First Faculty of Medicine, and Faculty of Science. „The project is a major challenge for further planning and development of Charles University. It’s a unique hub of research and educational activities of several faculties close to the city center,” says the Rector of Charles University, Prof. MUDr. Tomáš Zima, DrSc.

The documentation is in Czech only and also the proposals must be submitted in Czech. We are well aware of this being an inconvenience, but we also hope that in case of real interest in taking part in this competition and thus having a possibility to get a commission, the architects will find a way to overcome this obstacle.

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