KYM Field Schools in Africa

Submission: November 26, 2015
Registration: November 26, 2015
Language: English
Location: Concept – Africa
Prizes: Total amount of prizes: 49.000 $
Type: Open


As a member of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and committed to supporting sustainable development,” Kimse Yok Mu” Solidarity and Aid Association shall build within 5 years many Field Schools that will provide basic education, and deliver them to the national education institutions of Africa. The Competition aims to support the development of original, innovative, environmentalist and economical school architecture designs, and the implementation of innovative ideas for the Field Schools planned to be constructed in various countries.

Since the schools aimed to be built need to be sustainable, it is unacceptable to design them independent of the climate. Therefore, one of the common climate zones of Africa is selected. and the competition is planned for the areas where this climate zone is effective. In addition, new competitions are being planned to be held in future for other climate zones of Africa.


The competition is an independent, international and single-stage architectural project competition organized in accordance with the Architecture, Engineering, Urban Planning and Urban Design Project Competitions Regulations of TMMOB Chamber of Turkish Architects.

The competition will be organized in two categories;

Architecture students

Registration and participation to the competition is free of charge.

KYM Field Schools for Tropical Savanna Climate of Africa International Architectural Concept Project Competition

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