vertical city competition


Submission: December 27, 2018
Registration: September 13, 2018
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Ideas Competition


In the urban era the people gets closer and everything gets compact. The cites once grown horizontally now starts its verge vertically. The place of living demands the amenities like space for recreation, work, commercial shopping etc in hands far distance. The world-renowned architect “Le Corbusier “has given his contribution to the mixed-use building with his unique design philosophy and methods. The upcoming starchitects fly with colors when they deeply know the need of society and work for it.

The greatest challenges of our time is the population explosion; mass urbanization; climate change; environmental degradation; social, political and economic change; and the rapid advance of technical innovations.

The future of humanity on this planet relies on the collective benefits of urban density; reducing both land consumption and the energy needed to construct and operate the horizontally dispersed city. Tall buildings must now be the vehicles for creating increased density not just through sheer height, but by connecting multiple layers of the city. Physical urban infrastructure, circulation, greenery, and urban functions traditionally restricted to the ground level would all, ideally, continue up and into the building, such that the buildings themselves become an extension of the city: a part of the two-dimensional horizontal urban plane flipped vertical.

We ask you to chose a site near to your locality not more than 1500sqm. We suggest you to consider the climatic and geographic factors. The building bye laws or local building rules can be neglected. The concept and design must be original. We ask you to look into the functional as well as aesthetic part of the design.


Residential spaces
Commercial spaces (according to the residential unit)
Recreational spaces (according to the residential unit)
Note: Commercial and residential spaces are to be shown in section of the building.
Floor plans of commercial and recreation spaces are not mandatory.
No limit to heights
No limits to build-up area.
Local rules and regulations can be ignored.

Submission must include

Modular residential unit plan (2)
Modular residential unit section
Floor plans
Conceptual section
Details (if any)
Note: The details of commercial and recreational spaces are not mandatory.
Plans and drawings should be legible and clear with proper dimension and labeling.

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