Lighthouse Sea Hotel

Submission: February 29, 2016
Registration: February 29, 2016
Language: English
Location: Syracuse – Sicily, Italy
Prizes: 1st Prize: € 8,000, 2nd Prize: € 4,000, 3rd Prize: € 2,000
Type: Architecture Students & Young Architects


YAC launches Lighthouse Sea Hotel in collaboration with the Italian government and thanks to the support of Rimini fair. This competition challenges the designers to let the beauty of these remote places fascinate them; to imagine a new future for these abandoned lighthouses by transforming them into tourism facilities beyond compare and to make their protection and possible conservation sustainable.


Rare architectural and lan-dscape quality of the lighthouse and its context, while still valuing the research values of the competition, hereby follows a list of what can or cannot be done within the com- petition.

A. New volumes- autonomous or adjacent to the existing faci- lities- will be admitted as long as they:

  • –  do not compromise or damage the existing facilities;
  • –  do not exceed 4 meters in height;
  • –  do not exceed 3.000 sqm altogether;
  • –  are included within the area object of the competition
  • –  Guarantee a design which is in harmony with the architecture and the surrounding landscape.

B. The materials used will have to relate to the existing archi- tecture and the surrounding area. They can be compatible or dystonic, traditional or high-tech, as long as the overall design is guaranteed in order to enhance the existent ar-chitecture.

C. It is permitted to design floating facilities on the coast and a possible connection between the sea level and the lighthouse level. Whatever design solution is proposed, it is essential that it integrates in the surrounding landscape in the most harmonic and coherent way.

D. The buildings – except the lighthouse – will have to be visitable and the designers will have to take into account the needs of users with reduced mobility.

E. The architectural complex will have to be energy sustainable;

F. It is forbidden to demolish the existing buildings;

G. It is not permitted to carry out excavations or create hypogeal areas;

H. It is forbidden to carry out any modification of the lighthouse. The Italian navy will have to keep on guaranteeing the functioning of the lighthouse. The modifications of the close buildings won’t have to compromise the reachability and operability of the lighthouse.


Like several other international projects (the Australian, Northern Europe or Balkan lighthouse accomodation), the competition will focus on the extraordinary reception potential that a coastal building can offer. Trough Lighthouse Sea Hotel, the designers will have the possibility to work in a sublime context, while designing the project of a unparalleled hotel. In this building, the lighthouse, with its romantic and dreamlike characteristics, will be the background to create suggestive relax, entertainment and wellness stays. A shelter, an escape place, a delightful picturesque place. The designers will have the op- portunity to give different interpretations of the accomodation. It can target a niche or the wider public based on adventure and nature. With this in mind, hereby follows a list of different functional possibilities. It is important to underline that the composition, integration and reshuffling of these scenarios shall be under total discretion of the designers.

• lighthouse resort; according to this vision, the lighthouse will be interpreted as the core of a network of services aimed at guaranteeing a holiday with every comfort. This center is enriched by the suggestive position and proxi- mity to the sea in order to activate an elite tourism. Some of the possible elements of such vision are elegant suites which blend into the area, a prestigious restaurant and a refined pier with beautiful panoramic strolls. According to such interpretation, even if connected with the area, the lighthouse will have to be an autonomous center.

• lighthouse landscape hotel; according to this vision, the lighthouse will be interpreted as a benchmark for a less luxurious tourism which targets nature, water sports and hiking enthusiasts. In this sense the lighthouse would be a starting point to discover the wonders of the area. A simple place with essential services where the sound of the waves, the heat of the sun and the refined combina- tion of architecture and landscape are the main source of entertainment for tourists.

• lighthouse sea center; according to this vision, the lighthouse will be interpreted as a benchmark for those who would like a stay which makes the most of the sea as a relaxation, entertainment or updating source: water sports school and a research center for the understanding and protection of the sea, reception facility with a didactic functionality which combines intellectual, sport and training activities with the creation of a culture of protection and promotion of the area.

• lighthouse art hotel; according to this vision, the lighthouse will be interpreted as a suggestive place which is a hybrid between a hotel and a museum. A place where relax is enriched by art, conference rooms, amphitheaters, permanent or temporary exhibitions, art studios, peculiar and themed accomodation with the lighthouse as a perfect background.


16/11/2015 “early bird” registration – start

20/12/2015 “early bird” registration – end 21/12/2015 “standard” registration – start

24/01/2016 “standard” registration – end 25/01/2016 “late” registration – start

21/02/2016 “late” registration – end
29/02/2016 (h 12:00 GMT, midday) material submission deadline

07/03/2016 jury summoning 04/04/2016results announcement

29/04/2016 award ceremony & exhibition

Fulfilling an “early bird”, “standard” or “late” registration does not affect submission deadline. Submission deadline is uniquely set on the 29/02/2016.


1° PRIZE –  8.000 €

2° PRIZE –  4.000 €

3° PRIZE  – 2.000 €



All the awarded proposals will be published on architectural magazines and websites + will be hosted in international exhibitions.

All the finalist proposals will be published on www.youngarchitectscompetitions.com


  • Competitors must respect calendar dates, procedures and fees;

  • Competitors must respect all the instructions regarding required material;
  • Competitors can be students, graduated, freelance architects, designers or artists: it is not mandatory to be involved in architectural disciplines or enrolled in architectural associations;
  • Competitors can join the competition both individually and in team;
  • Teams must have at least one team member between 18 and 35 years old;
  • Teams can be composed by any number of team members;
  • Teams can be composed by any competitors belonging to different countries and universities;
  • Paying a single entry fee allows to join the competition with a single project;
  • Paying further entry fees allows to join the competition with further projects; fees to be determined by following competition’s calendar;
  • Prizes include bank commissions and fees;
  • Prizes are established regardless to the number of attendants a team is made of;
  • Committee’s verdict is incontestable.
  • It is forbidden to competitors to ask a juror about the competition;
  • It is forbidden to competitors to publicize their own proposal material before the conclusion of the competition;
  • It is forbidden to competitors to join the competition in case they have or had business collaboration or blood-relations with jurors;

By violating the rules, competitors and their teams will be disqualified from the competition without any chance of getting a refund. Joining the competition implies accepting rules and service terms. The authorship of each project is equally attributed to each member of the team.


The whole procedure is computerized:

  • open: www.youngarchitectscompetitions.com;
  • enter registration area;
  • fill required fields;
  • at the end of the procedure the first member of the team will be notified with a validation mail containing the team ID number (“teamID” is randomly and automatically assigned); if no mail arrives check “spam”;
  • a username, a password and a link will be received; open the link to confirm YAC the pre- registration;
  • once confirmed the pre-registration, enter personal area and fulfill fee payment; the reason of currency payment operation will be: “YAC_LSH_teamID” (i.e. if teamID is 12345, reason of currency payment operation will be “YAC_LSH_12345”);
  • once fulfilled pre-registration and fee payment, uploading will be enabled;
  • open personal area, insert username & password; upload the material; the first member of the team will be notified with a validation mail; if no mail arrives check “spam”; It’s highly recommended to be early on deadlines with subscriptions and payments.

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Date: November 24, 2015