living and working in Tokyo

Living and Working in Tokyo

Submission: April 20, 2017
Registration: April 16, 2017
Language: English, Spanish, French
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Prizes: 3000€ + Subcription to L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui magazine
Type: Open


Tokyo is characterized by an extent of individual constructions interspersed by large avenues with high-rise buildings. Yoshiharu Tsukamoto, of Bow-Wow Agency, when theorizing Tokyo urban planning, de nes three different developments in the formation of the urban fabric: «forti ed village», «subdivurban» and «commersidence».

This corresponds to a typology combining shopping, living and working. These non planned neighborhoods were created from a residential fabric where houses were transformed into businesses. Japanese culture has integrated the concept of destruction and reconstruction due to cultural and environmental factors. Thus, the average lifespan of a Japanese house is about 30 years. Tokyo is formed and reformed constantly over time. This perpetual renewal makes the Japanese capital city the testing and innovation ground for architecture.architecturale.

In this context, ARCHsharing invites participants to work on a small scale project in Omotesando district, where businesses came to interact with the existing residential structure. The plot with modest dimensions will host a mixed program linking home and workspace areas.

Registration is open to all students of schools and universities in relation with architecture.

Following the comments of the jury, ARCHsharing will publish a book named Atlas of Innovation, listing the innovative projects selected. This publication aims at sharing and spreading the ideas of students worldwide. An inspiration on a speci c theme for architects of today and tomorrow.

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