Submission: March 30, 2015
Registration: March 20, 2015
Language: English
Location: Calgary, Canada
Prizes1st prize: $7,500 CAD, 5x field prize: $3,000 CAD
Type: Open


The Lost Spaces competition is open to anyone including architects, artists, designers, engineers, and students. We’re looking for cross-disciplinary teams to collectively respond to the diverse challenges of design, social sustainability and low impact design improvements.

Students and members of the public who wish to submit an idea are encouraged to team up with an artist, designer, planner or engineering professional for their proposal.

To adapt your entry to the local climate conditions, please note that Calgary has a prairie climate. It benefits from high sunshine hours but also experiences unpredictable weather at times. A winter Chinook might increase the temperature by 30 degrees Centigrade within a few hours. Please consult more detail about the local climate in our FAQ.

The competition is a call for alternatives improving the use, public realm and ecological value of a lost space. Responding to an area’s deficiency in the public realm, can lost space offer greater links and connectivity for people? How can a lost space connect fragments into corridors and attract biodiversity? How might they contribute to the management of stormwater?  How can lost space be remembered and utilized? Is a lost space still “lost” if not used?

Judges will base their assessment on the following criteria:

  • clarity of concept and quality of design
  • successfully blends social, ecological and economic considerations
  • integrates multiple approaches to the design challenge
  • impactfully connects environments to allow greater access, linking people and wildlife to the space
  • advances thought on current use of the site
  • feasibility of realization