Luxury Render Design Competition

Submission: December 04, 2015
Registration: December 03, 2015
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: 1st & 2nd Prize: Subscription to OneRender®.
Type: Open


#Renderathon “Luxury Render Design” is a render competition where architects and artist design a scene of luxury residence. It is an exterior architecture contest and contemplates the rendering of 3D design through OneRender® platform.

As of October 14th, you will have 7 full weeks to create and send us a 3D scene of exterior architecture; the contestants are free to choose the scenario of the project and the architectural style. Your participation in this Renderathon is individual and completely free!

Renderathon Objective

To create a 3D scene of exterior architecture and render it using OneRender®.

Points to consider:

    • You can use third-party models, but you must have copyright permissions from the owner.
    • The jury will judge two images First image: which was generated with OneRender®, Second image: Render with post-production and retouching.
    • The post-produced image is OPTIONAL, the render generated with OneRender® is a MUST.
    • You can choose what modelling software to use, just make sure that you’ll be able to export in OBJ format or any other format supported in OneRender®.
    • Confirm that the polygons are rectangular or triangular.
    • Be careful that you’re including the geometry’s normals and UVs.
    • No specific hardware required for visualization of 3D object, just updated drivers and to able to visualize the following page: http://get.webgl.org/
    • Only the following browsers are supported: Chrome, Safari and Firefox (we suggest using Firefox).
    • Your scenes will be rendered in a small cloud, consider that this does not affect the time of your final deliveries.
    • Keep an eye on all of our social networks (facebook and twitter): we will announce special days in which bigger and more powerful clouds will be available, this will make your final renders to finish faster and may give you an edge. Don’t miss this great opportunity.

Terms and Conditions:

  • All used models must be made by the participant, or have copyright permissions to them.
  • The participant grants permission to OneRender® to publically publish all the generated material.
  • OneRender® will mention authors in all moment.
  • The author will maintain copyright and ownership of the generated material.
  • OneRender® may and will use the generated material for marketing and advertising proposes.
  • The registration and participation are free in this contest.
  • The access to the OneRender® software during #Renderathon will be completely free of charge and the participant won’t need to make any payment in order to make use of it.

Important dates:

  • October 14th through December 03rd, 2015: Open registry to Renderathon.
  • October 14th through December 04th, 2015: Time for modeling and rendering with OneRender®.
  • December 04th, 2015: Deadline to send your final render.
  • December 07th, 2015: Results publishing.


OneRender® will select two winners, which shall send an image generated through OneRender® and other with post-production. The winners will be announced on December 07th, 2015 at 11: 00hrs Central Time (CDT).

First place: Google cardboard and a 6-month subscription to OneRender®.

Second place: a 3-month subscription to OneRender®.

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