mars calling architecture competition

MARS CALLING, Sketch the future.

Submission: February 25, 2021
Registration: February 15, 2021
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


Mars is the most Earth-like planet in the solar system; and the only one where humans have conceived setting up colonies in the near future. A human mission to Mars has been the subject of science fiction and aerospace engineer-since 20th century. Private companies and government agencies like SpaceX and NASA, developing this infrastructure, are set to make this long sought-after human dream come true, possibly by the end of 2030.


In this illustration competition, we welcome participants to imagine taking a walk on this futuristic planet. We ask participants to sketch and illustrate walking through a future Martian Street, where movement through habitats and social spaces is explored.

The aim of the competition is to evoke the experience and feel of walking through a Martian settlement.

This competition is open for all the Students, Artists, Graphic designers, Illustrators, Architects & Teachers from all corners of the Earth.
Join this competition & explore a version of Martian Streets through your skills.


Early registrations – 1st November to 19th December 2020.
Indian Nationals – INR 600
Foreign Nationals – USD 15

Standard registrations – 20th December to 25th January 2021.
Indian Nationals – INR 1200
Foreign Nationals – USD 30

Late registrations – 26th January – 15th February 2021.
Indian Nationals – INR 1800
Foreign Nationals – USD 45

Submission Deadline: 25th February 2021
Language: English
Type: Open Ideas Art competition

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