Mars City Design Competition

Submission: February 29, 2016
Registration: January 31, 2016
Language: English
Location: Mars
Prizes: N/A
Type: Open


We need more architects and artists for human mission in Space exploration, and vice-versa, architects and artists need to explore outside of our “world”.

Imagining the near future life on Mars, when NASA, Virgin Galactic, SpaceX and hopefully other private companies will start sending people to the Red planet, a place where human can have a second home– if we start now, to design the blueprint of our living environment that will allow that possibility to happen.
“Life on Mars must be more fun than on Earth. How can we make that happen?” What do we need to start the journey, building towards that realization of future civilization on Mars, a new world, the new hope and maybe our new way to think about human life.

Join us to build together a city on Mars. Enter your ideas and design to Mars City Designcompetition 2016.

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