Masterplan and Space/Facility Design for Nodeul Dream Island

Submission: May 27, 2016
Registration: May 06, 2016
Language: English, Korean
Location: Nodeul Dream Island, South Korea
Prizes: 1st Prize: Design Contract, 2nd Prize: KRW 50 million, 3rd Prize: KRW 30 million
Type: Restricted


Seoul Metropolitan Government holds an international competition in order to establish a Music-led cultural complex until 2018, in which domestic and oversea specialists from various fields of architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, etc. can participate.

Seoul Metropolitan Government established a program for present including necessary facilities and the scale considering citizen participation and publicity for the realization of proposed operation program. Additional program would be prepared for the future. It is expected that creative and various design would be proposed through this competition.


There is an island. When trams had run in the heart of Seoul, the name of the island was Jungjido. The image of the island is little bit different in our memories. Sandy beach where people enjoyed river bathing, quiet dating place for couples, place where parade marches through on Armed Forces Day, the island which gets crowded all of a sudden when Seoul Firework Festival is held, the name of this island is Nodeul Island. A beautiful name with meaning of stepping stone where white heron paddled.

Nodeul Island is in the middle of Seoul just like the expression but this is an island we look at from distance and slide by. This is a place where we can meet beautiful sunset and basic nature which we can hardly imagine from the city. Nodeul Island is a place where we can meet unusual scenery and sometimes surrealistic situation.


Democratic society judge value through the process of reaching a conclusion rather than the value that conclusion embodies. Sound society maintains and develops through keen competition and impartial judgement. The institutional strategy of these competition and judgement is competition. Future shape of Nodeul Dream Island will be selected by competition.

All of operational planning of Nodeul Dream Island, Space Planning, and first operator will be selected by competition. This competition wants to be a monumental project for proceeding through the most democratic process rather than being the most glamourous and enormous structure. This project is meaningful as it even select proposal on how to utilize Nodeul Island through competition. Of course, that proposal projects our dreams yet premised on practical possibility in reality.

The difference between this competition and other existing architecture competition is that island planning and operation method competitions are preceded. Required facility programs and scale will be proposed per the result. The difference of this competition from other existing cosign operator selecting competition is that we do not nominate the 3rd operator after building the structure. The operation system will be decided based on the best proposal and the structure will be constructed according to the result and it will be operated by the proposer. If the selected proposal does not require structure, building may not be constructed. This competition is different from existing business investment competition as it creates necessary facility and space with Seoul resources. Thus, operator who can balance between retrieving reasonable operating expenses and realization of public value and have a sense of responsibility on citizen and history will be nominated rather than business operator who needs to retrieve investment cost with business profits.


Nodeul Dream Island Competition

This competition requires spatial and facility construction design which can contain an operation strategy that flexibly change and contain trace of the time and sedimentation. However, this does not mean it is an incomplete proposal. The proposal need to design infrastructure and necessary facilities for the entire island to operate in sufficient completeness even in case of no additional services.

Nodeul Dream Island anticipates to be our hope. We hope the process and result, and everything of value and formality to be the ambition of our time spreads out. Therefore, we hope the entire island, not just specific structure or portion of the island, to be evaluated as a place filled with historical and artistic values by our future generation. The real juries of this competition will be the citizens of our next generation.


The objective of Nodeul Dream Island Master Plan and Space/Facility Design Competition is to select the appropriate spatial design proposal to realize reasonable the operation and facility plan that was selected from 2nd stage of the Competition. In addition, the proposal should satisfy high level of urban scenary expectation.


All professionals in architecture, landscape, and urban design can enter in this competition. In the case of joint application, a team can have up to five(5) members at maximum.
In the case of joint application one(1) member of the team must be registered as team representative. The team representative must be in charge of the submittal of construction documentation for the contracted project.

The team must include at least one licensed architect whose license should be current and valid at the time of registration. The copy of license should be provided with other submission documents.
A juror, a professional manager, a member of the company/organization that juror belongs to, or other persons concerned cannot enter this competition.


The results will be posted on the official website(nodeul.org) right after the jury session and winners will be individually informed.
The winning entries and prizes are as follows:

First Prize(One entey) : Design Contract
Second Prize(One entry) : KRW 50 million
Third Prize(One entry) : KRW 30 million
Honorable Mention(No more then four(4) entries) : KRW 5 million each

  •   If a foreign entry wins, the equivalent of the prize money will be awarded in USD at the current exchange rate(within 30days of the award ceremony). In the case of joint application the money will be awarded to the team representative.
  •   Fees for the copyright, tax, wire transfer, etc. are included in the prize money and Korea’s Tax Law will be applied to calculate the tax.
  •   The First Prize winner has the right to negotiate the design contract with client. The contract should be signed within thirty(30) days of the announcement of the winner.
  •   If the First Prize winner gives up his/her right to negotiate the contract or an agreement cannot be reached, the client can grant the right to the next winner in line. In this case the next winner must return the prize money and the client will award this to the First Prize winner.

    If the client suspends the project after having sealed the contract, reimbursement will be paid for service and expenses executed until the moment of suspension.


Entrants or team representatives can check the competition guidelines through the website(nodeul.org), and once the account is made, entrants can pay the registration fee.

Registration will be completed, once the transfer of registration fee to the bank account guided on the website is confirmed. (Foreigners may send the proof of bank transfer to quicken the process)
Entrants can check the registration status by logging in the web site. Once the registration is done, entrants can download reference materials and post questions.

Once registered, the entrant cannot add or change team members, or change the team representative. To do any of the above the entrant must close their account and register a new one. In this instance the registration fee is non-refundable.

Registration fee is USD 100(KRW 100,000)

* The remitter shall pay all the charges related to the wire transfer. Payment must be made in the exact amount in KRW or USD.

* The remitter should be the team representative.


Only one submission per entrant is allowed. Dispatch of entries must be made by post or hand delivery.
All submitted documents should arrive as one package and loss or damage of the package is not the responsibility of the client. The entrant can check on the competition website(nodeul.org) whether the package has been received. The submitted documents will not be returned and the period of submission is as follows:

 By hand : May 27, 2016 10:00 a.m. ~ 6:00 p.m. (Korean time) All submitted document should arrive at the Submission desk.

 By Mail (Including International Courier) : The submission package must be postmarked by May 26, 2016(local time of entrant’s country) and should arrive at the submissions address below between May27, 2016 and June03, 2016 6:00 p.m.(Korean time). Entrant should be responsible for contacting his/her courier to manage the delivery time. Any delivery before of after this period will not be accepted. The postmark of the package should be legible to confirm the date of submission. In order to avoid unexpected delay in delivery or taxes the package should be clearly marked as “No Commercial Value.”