Submission: 31st January 2024 Registration: 31st January 2024 Location: Concept Language: English Prizes: View Website Type: Open

Submission: 31 January 2024
Registration: 31 January 2024
Language: English
Prizes: View website
Type: Open



In this competition, we challenge participants to propose innovative rooftop designs that not only offer a sanctuary for meditation, but also actively endorse and uplift the practice of mindfulness in an urban setting – only 1 drawing, with absolute freedom of scale, site or program.

We invite designers to imagine a solution that harmoniously blend the serenity of meditation spaces with the dynamic energy of the urban environment, by pushing the boundaries of creativity.

Participants are encouraged to redefine traditional urban space design and contribute to enhance well-being, promoting more serene and sustainable lifestyle choices centered around meditation.

Consider factors like privacy, quiet areas, access, and soundproofing. Also, think about how your design could attract people who haven’t tried meditation before to start practicing it as part of their daily lives.


Non Architecture Competitions are open to all human beings, from every age and cultural background, working in groups or individually. The registration fee is paid per team, regardless of how many members form it. Personal information of all the team members can be uploaded during the submission procedure of the final drawing.


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Non Architecture Competitions will award one winner, one selected by each jury, and a total of 7 honourable mentions.

  • WINNERS (1 Prize)
    • 1.000 euros.
    • Publication in the Non Architecture Competitions book and website.
    • Reviews in digital magazines and several architecture blogs.
    • Publication in the Non Architecture Competitions book and website.
    • Reviews in digital magazines and several architecture blogs.
  • EDITORIAL PICK (Up to 6 Prizes)
    • Publication in the Non Architecture Competitions book and website.
  • FINALISTS (Up to 36 Prizes)
    • Publication in the Non Architecture Competitions Journal.
    • The organization might establish additional special prizes and awards during the competition development and in the evaluation phase.

Note: The appearance on the involved architectural platforms are subject to the agenda and availability of the external platforms.


The jury members are the following:

Iwo Borkowicz – Co-founder and lead architect JEJU.studio

Szymon Rozwałka – Founders of RO_aR architects and teacher at the Faculty of Architecture in Brno

Neda Kakhsaz and Zabie Mustafa – Co-founders of Studio MUKA

Olav Bruin – Founder and Creative Director of Atelier Nomadic

02 October 2023

02 – 31 October

01 – 30 November

01 – 31 December

01 – 31 January 2024

15 January 2024

31 January 2024 11:59 PM

26 February – 01 March 2024

Competition launch.

Special registration period (50€*).

Early registration period (65€*).

Regular registration period (80€*).

Last minute registration period (100€*).

Submission opens on our website.

Submission closes.

Winner announcement.

PRICES ARE PER TEAM. A maximum number of 4 people can form a team.


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