Missile base at the top of the Devínska Kobyla National Nature Reserve in Bratislava

Missile Base at the top of the Devínska Kobyla – Student Competition

Submission: October 29, 2021
Registration: October 29, 2021
Language: English, Slovak, Czech
Location: Slovakia, Devínska Kobyla
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


JOIN THE MISSILE BASE REVITALIZATION ARCHITECTURAL COMPETITION! The missile base located above the city of Bratislava on the top of Devínska Kobyla is today an unused and dilapidated memory of history. Concrete silos, bunkers and barracks built in the 1980s attract only a few contemporary witnesses, curious people and passing tourists. The buildings are in poor technical condition and, in many cases, movement in their vicinity is dangerous. In such locality which oozes history and is also surrounded by beautiful countryside, we see the potential for its improvement.

Architekti Šebo Lichý architectural Studio announces that, from June 6, 2021, there is a student idea competition for the Missile Base Complex at the top of the Devínska Kobyla National Nature Reserve in Bratislava!

We believe that this ideological competition will be a necessary impulse for the revitalization of the currently abandoned and dilapidated area of the missile base located in the protected landscape area of the Little Carpathians. The significant historical, natural, artistic as well as military context of the missile base are stimulating motives for the best use of the area even today. In addition to the fact that a possible reconstruction would preserve its rich historical heritage, it would support tourism and create another relaxing place for not only for the people of Bratislava. We find several inspiring implementations of a similar kind abroad, where remarkable architectural works were created from neglected military bunkers. We are looking forward to all student ideas that will support such a transformation at Devínska Kobyla.


A proposal for a program for the use of the complex is expected (such as the Iron Curtain Memorial, military museum, gallery, campus for artists, ecologists, historians, tourist infrastructure, facilities for environmental activists …) (… if necessary to address the overlap onto the wider area and wider relations, to deal with the design of transport connections and static transport – parking areas). Other new features are welcome. Expecting urban, landscape and architectural design of the proposed functional concept of use. Alternatively, a proposal for rules that will generate quality development of the site. Overlaps with virtual solutions are welcome. We expect original solutions to the mentioned problems, or their display in a new context. Proposals should be a catalogue of inspiration for property owners to find a program and also how to use them, they should be an inspiration for the city district for possible investments in infrastructure and also for the municipality to define the new regulations. Welcoming the use of ecological technologies and construction methods.


1st PRIZE: EUR 3000
2nd PRIZE: EUR 2000
3rd PRIZE: EUR 1000


An anonymous student idea competition for students and graduates who graduated in 2019 and 2020.


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