Moscow Metro International Competition

SubmissionJuly 31, 2014
Registration: July 31, 2014
Language: English or Russian
Location: Moscow, Russia
Prizes2 Prizes of (RUB 3.500.000) ($102.000) each.  and a total of RUB 3.890.000 ($114.000) spread in ten prizes for the finalists.
Type: Open competition for architects.

We are happy to announce the launch of online registration for those wishing to take part in the Architectural and Design Competition for Moscow Metro Stations Solntsevo and Novoperedelkino.

The aim of the Competition is to create an inimitable, one of a kind profile for the two Moscow Metropolitan underground railway stations of Solntsevo and Novoperedelkino.

The prize fund for the Competition stands at 3,890,000 rubles (including VAT) and is to be divided between the 10 Participants who pass through to the second stage of the Competition.

Each of the two winners will be invited to settle a contract for the implementation of their architectural and design concept to a sum no larger than 3 500 000 rubles.

Should you be able to make any news article or feature on this, thereby giving foreign architects the opportunity to participate in the Competition, we would be very grateful and willing to provide any assistance necessary.


Date: August 7, 2014