Mountain Architecture Prototype Design Competition

Submission: October 16, 2015
Registration: October 09, 2015
Language: English
Location: Summit Powder Mountain, USA
Prizes: x3 Prize: Summit Series Weekend, Winter 2016
Type: Open


MAP asks architects, students, engineers, designers, artists, and builders to develop unique mountain dwellings in an effort to expand the conversation around what it means to build responsibly at 8,400 ft in the Northern Wasatch Range. As the Summit community shares a philosophy of innovation, creativity, cultural enrichment and environmental conservation, so should its architecture, which resides on Summit Powder Mountain. Summit recognizes architecture has the ability to embody great cultural significance, and celebrates the value of connecting the best minds in design to foster the community’s mission to catalyze positive personal and collective growth.

We are looking for design submissions for a maximum size structure of 2,500 sq ft., on Summit Powder Mountain. The cabin will be located on a typical 12 degree sloped site (see supplemental material) and must be respectful to the alpine environment which is specific to its location. One will have to envision how this design will engage within a grouping of other dwellings, retain views, and keep utmost respect to the site and geographic region that these cabins will occupy. Sustainability is of utmost priority, and the use of natural materials, and humble expression is encouraged for this prototype.


1st Prize: Summit at Sea Experience, Date Nov. 13th-15th, 2015

2nd Prize: Summit Series Weekend, Winter 2016

3rd Prize: Summit Series Weekend, Winter 2016


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