Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara Pavilion Design Competition 2016

Submission: April 21, 2016
Registration: April 21, 2016
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: 1st Prize: $5,000 & $45,000 to support winning projects
Type: Open


MCASB invites proposals for a large-scale, outdoor, traveling pavilion ​to be built and installed at each site of its new public art program, TakePart/MakeArt. As a central feature of TakePart/MakeArt, the mobile pavilion will be a bold and vibrant beacon for MCASB as it travels through three different communities across Santa Barbara County: Isla Vista, the Westside, and the Waterfront.

By contributing new design to Santa Barbara – a tourist destination and location steeped in California Mission Style architecture and culture – the pavilion serves as an aesthetic catalyst for experimental, dynamic, and engaged artworks, which will be realized by six innovative contemporary artists over the two-year course of TakePart/MakeArt. As such, the Pavilion Design Competition motivates architects and designers to think about how design encourages communities to participate with their surroundings, as well as how it can facilitate new ways of interacting with contemporary art and artists.

Submissions are due April 21, 2016. A jury consisting of architects, artists, scholars, and design experts will select and announce the winning proposal on May 9, 2016. The winner will receive an award of $5,000 and an additional $45,000 to support their projects. The winning proposal team will then work with MCASB curators to permit, build, and install the final design for the inaugural TakePart/MakeArt event in October 2016.


The pavilion will introduce innovative design and architecture ideas to Santa Barbara, a location traditionally known for its historically-focused Spanish Colonial design. We challenge the design community to activate a small footprint and shape a unique space for people to come together – an environment for art, creative expression, social programming and education, where they can play, engage, discuss, speak out, exist, and enjoy.

We encourage submissions to consider where they imagine their entry would live, who it would serve, and how it would be used, with guiding factors that include bold, temporary, and impactful.

Pavilion Sites

The pavilion will travel to six separate sites within three areas of Santa Barbara County: the Lower Westside neighborhood and Waterfront areas, located within the city of Santa Barbara, and Isla Vista, a coastal community located twelve miles north of the city of Santa Barbara and adjacent to the University of California Santa Barbara. Final sites will be decided in conversations with artists and communities throughout the course of TakePart/MakeArt.


The competition is open to individuals or teams working in a variety of creative elds, including but not limited to: contemporary design, architecture, contemporary arts. We especially encourage young professionals and students with innovative visions to apply to this project. Teams are encouraged to be multi-discipline, and include a structural engineer, landscape architect, and/or artist. Teams will be responsible for working with MCASB to make sure their designs meet city and county codes, as well as standards of architectural and structural soundness. No employees, associates, or immediate family members of the sponsors and jurors are eligible to enter the competition.


Solutions must be able to be adapted to various sites and their respective topography; permanent anchoring is not possible. All designs must be able to be built and deconstructed by volunteers within one day, and be able to be deconstructed and materials donated to local organization, or re-purposed into an installation. All designs must use environmentally responsible materials. Submissions must consider sustainable materials, the skill set of the volunteers, and local conditions.


  1. Registration and submissions are due at 6:00pm PDT on April 21, 2016.

  2. All submissions should contain original content. All entries must be submitted without identifying marks, including logos, text, insignia, or images on the display surface that could be used to identify the submission’s author(s).
  3. All submissions will be completely digital and must follow the specic requirements outlined below. Please submit your entry as a single .ZIP le emailed to this address: paviliondesign@mcasantabarbara.org.
  4. Please ensure your .ZIP le is below 15mb. Include only PDF, JPEG/JPG, or PNG les within the .ZIP le. All other le formats will be discarded.

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