Submission: December 12, 2015
Registration: December 12, 2015
Language: English, German
Location: Berlin, Germany
Prizes: Total Prize Found: 260,000 €
Type: Open


This competition for ideas is meant to clarify how the new building for the Museum of the 20th Century and its immediate environment can be fashioned architecturally, in terms of urban planning, and in the design of the open spaces. The competition is aimed at gaining insights into the task formulation and framework conditions of the realisation competition to follow. Based on the results of the competition for ideas, its organiser will optionally define further parameters for the urban planning and the design of the open spaces.

In addition to this, 10-20 competitors are meant to be qualified for the subsequent realisation competition as prize winners of the competition for ideas. The competition for ideas is thus designed to provide architects who have not yet planned or realised large museums or similar buildings with an opportunity to take part in the realisation competition.

A museum of international standing is to be created for the art of the 20th century at the behest of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation SPK. For the first time in decades, the newly created museum complex Neue Nationalgalerie – Museum of the 20th Century will enable the collection of the Nationalgalerie, so far only exhibited to the public in parts, to be presented in an adequate fashion. The internationally important holdings of the Nationalgalerie of 20th century art, the Marx and Pietsch collections, the Marzona archive and works from the Museum of Prints and Drawings will be permanently and jointly exhibited for the first time. The presentation of the holdings will embrace the lower level of the Neue Nationalgalerie and – first and foremost – the exhibition spaces of the new building.

The new building will thus form a tightly circumscribed unity with the Neue Nationalga- lerie in content and function. Both establishments – the Neue Nationalgalerie and the new building – are meanwhile to be understood as autonomous architectures with their own entrances, own functional areas (exhibition spaces, administrations, foyers, visitor services, etc.) and their respective own identities. The target set for the new building is a usable area of ca. 14,700 m2 (UA 1 – 6), ca. 9,200 m2 of which can be used as exhibition spaces. The construction field at Potsdamer Strasse has a buildable area of ca. 10,200 m2. The gross floor area expected, depending on the concept, is ca. 27,700 m2, while the clear room height in the exhibition areas needs to reach up to 9 m.

The location of the new museum at the Kulturforum, in the direct vicinity of two of Germany‘s most important architectural icons of the 20th century (Neue Nationalgalerie, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, 1968 and Philharmonie, Hans Scharoun, 1963), as well as in the environs of further architectural monuments (St. Matthew‘s Church, Berlin State Library), calls for a particularly attentive architectural and development approach.

Competition procedure

The competition is held as an open ideas competition for bidding consortiums of archi- tects with landscape architects in keeping with the guidelines for planning competitions (RPW 2013). Urban planners are eligible to take part in a bidding consortium with archi- tects and landscape architects. The competition will be announced in the supplement of the Official Journal of the European Union and is open worldwide without restrictions. The competition entries will remain anonymous until the conclusion of the procedure.

Required services (excerpt)

Competitors are required to provide the following services:

  • –  Concept presentation of the design idea (free representation)
  • –  View of the entire focus area, scale 1:2,000, north-oriented
  • –  Ground plan of the ground floor, scale 1:500, north-oriented, showing the new building and its immediate urban environs
  • –  Ground plans of all further floors, scale 1:500, showing the functional areas
  • –  Sections to the extent required for comprehension, scale 1:500, but at least one east-west section and one north-south section
  • –  View from Potsdamer Strasse, scale 1:500, showing the Neue Nationalgalerie and Philharmonie
  • –  Simple massing model, scale 1:500, as insertion model
  • –  Explanatory report in German
  • –  Verification of the functional areas as gross areas, calculations of the areas and volumes

Judgement criteria (without weighting)

  • –  Design concept / central idea
  • –  Expression and character
  • –  Interior architectural and spatial quality
  • –  Compliance with the essential building and planning regulation requirements
  • –  Urbanistic placement and accentuation, distribution of cubic capacity, height development
  • –  Design concept for the open spaces, open spaces
  • –  Accommodation of the essential monument protection advice
  • –  Circulation, routing, connections to the existing and/or planned open spaces
  • –  Compliance with the essential spatial and functional requirements (substantiation of the functional areas, spatial relationships, circulation/access
  • –  Compliance with economic specifications (area and volume parameters, cost ceiling)Prizes

    The total competition money available amounts to 260,000 euros plus VAT. 10-20 equi- valent prizes of 13,000 to 26,000 euros each are planned to be awarded.


    The competition entries will be publicly exhibited in Berlin for a minimum of two weeks. The opening, location and duration of the exhibition will be announced in due time.

Further procedure

The competition organiser intends to hold a non-open realisation competition for the Museum of the 20th Century after the competition for ideas. The performance of the realisation competition and further procedure stages are conditional to approval of the funding by the German Bundestag. The competition organiser will formulate further specifications for the design of the urban space and open spaces based on the results of the ideas competition, which will then become a basis for the realisation competition.

The realisation competition is intended to involve ca. 40 – 60 working groups of architects and landscape architects as well as further disciplines, as the case may be. The prize winners of the competition for ideas will be qualified as competitors for the realisation competition (possibly augmented by further disciplines). A further 8 – 12 working groups will be invited to take part in the realisation competition by the competition organiser. The remaining competitors in the realisation competition will be selected by way of an EU-wide call for competition (as per RPW and VOF [German contracting regulations for freelance services]). The jury of the competition for ideas is also to serve as the jury for the realisation competition. The competition organiser reserves the right to make changes in the composition of the jury for the later stages of the procedure.

A VOB/A (German Construction Contract Procedures, part A) awarding procedure is planned on the basis of the results of the realisation competition. The selection between the procurement variants of self-construction or PPP (public-private partnership) proce- dure will be made by way of an economic feasibility study as per section 7 of the Federal Budget Code BHO. The jury will support a possible PPP procedure as an architectural assessment panel in an advisory function.

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