My City Tîrgu Mureş/Marosvásárhely/Neumarkt – solutions competition: urbanism, architecture, landscaping

Submission: August 27, 2018
Registration: August 27, 2018
Language: English, Romanian
Location: Tirgu, Romania
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


The urban space consisting of the Pța Victoriei – Pța Trandafirilor – Pța Petőfi Sándor – Pța Bernády Győrgy – Bdul Cetății areas represents one of the most intensely circulated aisles at the level of the city, both from a traffic perspective and from the point of view of alternative circulations, as it is located at the intersection of the historical roads which have generated the topography of the actual city.

The space which we propose for study has a deeply historical, cultural and architectural-urbanistic implication, as it is part of the old nucleus of the locality. This historical substratum represents the architectural basis for the performance of a large array of activities of different natures: administrative, financial-banking, relaxation and recreation, commercial, educational, living purposes, cultural, touristic, social etc.

A contest of solutions and a fathomed study for the above-mentioned space is therefore justified by the need of a unitary action from the point of view of urbanistic-landscape furnishing (urban materials and furniture used in public spaces, green spaces, public lighting etc.), from that of solving circulations in accordance with the new recommendations of the European Union (priority given to alternative circulation and to public transportation), as well as from the point of view of the wish to highlight monuments and architectural-urbanistic assemblies (currently affected by high vegetation, border parking, the insufficiency of atmospheric/architectural lighting etc.).

The purpose of the contest is to obtain solutions/ ideas for the improvement of the studied area in the context of the actual community needs by: solving the conflicts generated by the multifunctional nature of the studied area, improving monuments and architectural-urbanistic assemblies in the area, increasing the attractiveness of the area for tourism purposes, landscape amelioration, increasing the quality of the spaces destined to social meetings in the area, reorganization of the circulation for the purpose of reducing motorized traffic, pollution in the area and increasing alternative circulation and the use of public means of transportation, increasing the standard of life for the people living in the said area, creating facilities of movement for persons with disabilities – which should ground the documentations of urbanism or technical projects, of which we hereby mention The Local Urbanistic Plan for the Protected Constructed Area, Project “Remodelare zonă centrală a municipiului Tîrgu Mureș – Re-modelling of the Central Area of the Municipality of Tîrgu Mureș”.

The contestants will make proposals regarding the following important aspects for the beneficiary:

  • Improving monuments and architectural-urbanistic assemblages, as well as the own identity for each studied public space;
  • Integrating monuments of public forum with an aesthetic/ historical value (existent and approved statues, the clock with flowers etc.), either existent or proposed; integrating auto and pedestrian access in the underground passage proposed in P-ța Trandafirilor;
  • The unitary treatment of the public space, urban furniture, foodservice terraces, kiosks, of signs regarding touristic objectives, of atmospheric lighting, façade’s colouring and of routed destined to circulation;
  • Creating/ highlighting some symbolic elements for the protected constructed area or for the city (these could be: the furnishing of a space destined to public meetings, the design of bus stations, the design of urban furniture, the design of kiosks, the design of commercial terraces,  the design of touristic signs, the design of bicycles’ holders or any other element from the public space which has the potential of becoming symbolic)
  • The re-organization of circulation and traffic in the central area for the purpose of accommodation, total or partial elimination of the motorised circulation in Piața Trandafirilor and in the adjacent areas;  the integration of the supply transportation in the area;
  • The spatial and mineral re-modelling of the public spaces – the aisles destined to alternative circulation (including that of persons with disabilities) and to motorised circulations, those of public transportation (including stations of public transport), public squares and green spaces;
  • Integrating the stations of public transportation in the space destined to pedestrians’ circulation; analysing the locations of the stations of public transportation and identifying new locations if this is considered to be necessary;
  • Reducing pollution and adapting the public space to climate changes
  • Other aspects which can be freely decided by the contestant / the competing team

The contest encourages creativity, the technical quality of solutions, as well as their implementation and sustainability as being main criteria for evaluating the projects.

Type of contest: solutions contest opened at a national and international level, with prizes awarding

The official launch of the contest:                     18.06.2018

The deadline for sending the projects:             27.08.2018

 The contestants:

Can be either individual persons or teams.

  • The individual participants can either be architects or urbanists
  • The teams will be composed of at least one urbanist or one architect, but we recommend also: landscapers, designers, visual artists, traffic engineers, sociologists, historians, engineers or persons with a different training considered by the participants as being relevant for the issued proposal, either from the country or from abroad. The official language of the contest is Romanian.

Criteria of evaluating the projects:

  • Creativity, originality and landscape/ architectural/ artistic quality of the proposals
  • The durability, rationality and sustainability of the proposals
  • Reaching the goals set through the theme

The jury has the liberty of taking into consideration other criteria of selection outside those already mentioned and can also dismiss one or several of the above-mentioned criteria if he considers that the proposals have other relevant qualities for the given theme than those above-mentioned.

The jury: specialists from within professional organizations in the field of architecture, urbanism, visual arts and urban mobility, representatives of local and central authority.

Closing the agreement for the feasibility study and the execution project:

The decision taken by the jury of the contest is mandatory for the Promotor in what concerns the compliance with the selection of the projects sent for the contest and with the solutions to be given awards. The Promotor can choose any of the award-winners of the contest for further closing a projecting agreement with them, according to the recommendations of the jury, for a general solution and/ or for one or several partial solutions. The Promotor can close and agreement with one of the award-winners of the contest or with a team consisting of two or several winners of the contest and possibly with one or several teams for partial solutions.

The number and value of prizes:

1st prize: 20.000 euro

2nd prize: 10.000 euro

3rd prize: 5.000 euro

Besides the said awards, a maximum of 3 mentions can be awarded for partial solutions with a special quality in the fields considered to have a priority, amounting to 1.000 euro per each mention. The partial solutions can be, for example, the design of an elements considered to have symbolic potential, a feasible solution of re-organizing the circulation, of integrating auto and pedestrian access to the underground passage in P-ța Trandafirilor, the mineral and spatial re-modelling of public spaces – aisles destined to alternative (including that of persons with disabilities) and motorised circulation, of public transportation (including stations of public transportation), of public squares and green spaces etc.

The jury reserves the right of not awarding some prizes to the extent to which this is considered to be justified, according to the value (quality) of the presented works.

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