Submission: October 17, 2017
Registration: October 17, 2017
Language: English
Location: Bakırköy, Turkey
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Student Competition


According to UCTEA Chamber of Architects Competitions Regulation, is a free, open to international participation and single-stage architectural design idea competition for students. Registration and participation to the competition is free.

The competition site includes six building blocks.

According to “My Neighborhood: Bakırköy”;
· concepts as being from a district/Bakırköy, neighborliness and multi-culturality, urban memory and place attachment should be considered as imperatives of design,

· the existing green spaces and trees should be emphasized as one of the most important elements of urban pattern,

· spaces for people from different cultures, age, occupation and income in which their urban and social necessities are compensated and they live together should be designed,

· energy-active approaches should be developed in terms of urban sustainability,

· the area should be freed from vehicle traffic as much as possible by transportation proposals,

· a unique and identical neighborhood taking into account the values of everyday life, open to public use and responsive to various functions should be designed,

· in design process, while respecting the historical identity of the area, original proposals should be developed with the intention of generating a contemporary design language, rather than copies of historical environments that do not exist today,

· in registered buildings, in consideration of the existing social structure, undesired additional parts can be removed and/or their architectural program can be altered,

· except the registered buildings in the competition site, existing structures can be demolished if it is regarded as necessary,

· The height of the proposed structures in the competition site should be maximum 15.50 meters


1st Prize :10.000 TL
2nd Prize :6.000 TL
3rd Prize :4.000 TL
x5 Mentions :2.000 TL

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Date: September 26, 2017