natian cup international design competition

‘NaTian’ Cup International Design Competition

Submission: September 15, 2017
Registration: August 20, 2017
Language: English
Location: Suqian, Jiangsu province, China
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


The contemporary urban landscape relies largely on the creation and regeneration of public spaces, which then reflect on the beauty of cities. The identity of urban spaces is created through infrastructures, sculptures, buildings, land, vegetation and any element that is capable of representing the essence of place and culture. Pleasant and comfortable urban ecological environment and interesting urban public spaces have undoubtedly become one of the main driving forces of urban development.

First ‘Naian’ Cup International Competition for Sustainable Design was initiated jointly by Suqian Municipal Government, Suqian Planning Bureau, and CBC (China Building Centre). Last year, several urban regeneration projects have taken place in Suqian through utilizing plantation elements from traditional Chinese culture. This
year, Suqian Government intends to take the urban projects to the next level.
The competition will be based on Axis between the Luoma Lake and the Santaishan National Park that included the Naian Flower Farm, investigating into the cultural, functional and representation of public spaces. The competition invites projects from both domestic and international studios, designers, artist and students. Proposals
should be designs of urban icons, sculptures, landscape art, buildings, installations that are integrated into and responding to the status of development in the selected area. Participants will be able to choose the location and the subject for their proposal. Though there is no limit with the budget for the construction, the design should be constructible. Several winner proposals selected by the jury panel could be built subjecting to the city’s regulation.

To develop an innovative design that bears an important effect in creating an identity for the city of Suqian, and may functionally impact the new Green Axis and the NaTian Flower Farm in the Shantaishan Forest Park. The proposal is suggested to pay attention to the two sites the new Shanshui Green Corridor being developed and the existing flower farm.


1. Design Principles
1) Creativity: Create diverse and interesting places for SuQian residents and tourists. Design must be original.
2) Regionalism: Design should combine local history, culture, and natural environment.
3) Sustainability: Designers should take into account the sustainability of design, materials and management.
4) Practicality: The project should not be a mere conception. The material choices, the construction forms and the craftsmanship requirements should be practical..
5) The proposal should be able to develop the identity of the area, adding new functions and becoming an expressive public space.
2. Design Types
The type of design is not restrained. It could be building, landscape, sculpture or device, for example, Observatory tower, Sculpture, tourist center, teahouse, café, pavilion, restaurant, gallery, Art events etc. The project should be creative, based on local historic and cultural contexts and define a new urban icon.
3. Site
The competition encourages participants to freely investigate in the given region, delineate their own design area and make their own themes. Photos and satellite images of the site should be attached to the project.



First prize (1set): Honor certificate + Bonus 400,000RMB (tax included)

Second prize (3 sets): Honor certificate + Bonus 100,000RMB (tax included)

Third prize (5 sets): Honor certificate + Bonus 4,000RMB (tax included)
Outstanding prize (multiple sets): Honor certificate + UED journal for whole year

One or more Prize winning projects might be realized on site, which will be decided by the local government. The design development fees for realizing the selected project are not included in the award.


1. Registration
1) This is a fair competition to all the design companies, individual designers and students in architecture, landscape,urban planning, design and art.
2) Log on the competition website http://natiancompetition.uedmagazine.net ,click “Registration” and fill in the information.
3) Registration Deadline: Aug 20th, 2017.
2. Submission
All participants are required to submit digital files, including drawing and other information to NaTiancompetition@163.com before Sept 15th, 2017. The competition committee does not accept any hardcopy.
3. Selection Procedure
With the aid of the competition committee, the jury reviews the projects and determines the prize winning projects. Prize winning projects will be officially announced by October 2017.
4. Q&A
Please do not hesitate to email your questions to NaTiancompetition@163.com

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