national museum contest

National Museum of World Writing International Design Competition

Submission: September 01, 2017
Registration: June 02, 2017
Language: English, South Korean
Location: Incheon, South Korea
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


As a great cultural heritage that allows us to trace back the lives and history of humanity, writing acts as a means to preserve and pass down humanity’s culture, and establish and maintain various ethnic cultural identities. Additionally, the history of social change alongside the principles of creating writing and development of a writing system provides us crucial reference to view humanity’s culture overall.

The National Museum of World Writing will exhibit and study data and information on the characters of the world, and will become a international hub for writing research and policy exchange. This new museum will strive to understand the fundamentals of humanity’s culture with writings related artifacts and various production media. It seeks to become an avenue of rich cultural activity for understanding and respective cultural diversity.

The site where the National Museum of World Writing is planned to be constructed is located within Central Park of Songdo International City, Incheon. Songdo is a city built on reclaimed land. Central Park is a park with a vast artificial lake where citizens frequently visit for relaxation. The museum will not only be a space for professional exhibition and research, but also a cultural space for the people. Aiming to become a landmark, the new museum plans on realizing diverse social, cultural, and educational values by developing and supplying creative cultural contents.


Any domestically or internationally licensed architect is eligible to participate; in the event of a joint entry, one member of the team must be designated and registered as the team representative. However, members of the Committee for the Establishment of the National Museum of World Writing or members of the Jury, Technical, or Management Committees, or individuals employed by organization(s) which those members belong to, are ineligible to participate.

※ Architects licensed overseas may participate in the competition; in the event that such an architect is selected as the winner, a design service contract will only be awarded on the condition that the architect partners with a Korean architecture firm, as per Korean architectural law.


The purpose of this competition is to select an optimal design for the establishment of a ‘National Museum of World Writing’ for the collection, conservation, research and exhibition of the writing systems of various nations across the globe, and to create a multi-use cultural space for experience and education as well as creative activities.


Competition Announcement 2017.05.04.

Registration 2017.05.04. ~ 2017.06.02.18:00 Deadline

Questions posted by Entrants 2017.06.05. ~ 2017.06.09.18:00 Deadline

Answers to Questions posted 2017.06.23. 18:00

Deadline for Submission of Entries 2017.09.01. 18:00 Deadline

Technical Review 2017.09.07.

Judging of Entries 2017.09.10. ~ 2017.09.11.

Announcement of Winners 2017.09.15.

Award Ceremony & Exhibition After 2017.09.22.


– First Place Winner (1 team): Awarding of Design Contract (1 work/building design, including the basic design of the exhibition hall)

– Second Place (1 team): 50,000,000 KRW

– Third Place (1 team): 30,000,000 KRW

– Honorable Mentions (2 teams):  10,000,000 KRW each


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