New design for sustainable Enel Primary Substation

Submission: August 31, 2022
Registration: August 31, 2022
Language: English
Location: Global
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


Enel is looking for a new design and architectural concept for the construction of an innovative sustainable building system dedicated to Enel’s Primary Substations. The new sustainable Enel Primary Substation must have innovative features in terms of design, materials and construction, incorporating principles of sustainability within a circular design approach; the substation must fully integrate in and garner the acceptance of the environmental and social contexts it is installed in.

Primary substations are infrastructures dedicated to the interconnection between high voltage and medium voltage in the electrical system and can be built in different environmental contexts whenever energy demand makes a primary substation needed. Therefore, primary substation can be inserted in urban contexts, both in the city center or peripheral quarters, or in rural environments belonging to different natural contexts (countryside, seaside, mountains etc.). Integration of such an industrial facility in different environments requires reconciling sustainability and technical aspects.

The purpose of this challenge is the creation of new sustainable architectural concepts dedicated to Primary Substation. The primary goal of the challenge is the creation of a sustainable architectonic modular system that allows a high degree of versatility and replicability, a necessary requirement to adapt the buildings and architectural elements to the different contexts of use present in the territory. This system must be able to house all the required electrical equipment of the Primary Substations and at the same time shall improve the visual, functional and spatial impact of these installations and their surrounding areas.

Given the great variety of environments wherein the primary substations will be installed, the challenge provides four case-study sites to adopt as contexts of use for the development of the proposed solutions:
● urban contexts (large municipalities);
● semi-urban (small municipalities) or peripheral contexts;
● rural contexts, inland;
● rural contexts, coastal.

The competitors are asked to design architectural solutions for the visual impact of the technical area of the primary substation and, at the same time, to rethink the relation between the primary substation and the context of use, with the aim of avoiding or minimizing its environmental and social impact. The proposals should reimagine the primary substations as a whole, with a design consistent throughout all its components. The new design should be centered on the following key aspects:

1. Project modularity and replicability
2. Visual and sustainability impact
3. Communication
4. Sustainable materials and renewable energy
5. Innovative initiatives for Development Areas
6. E-mobility promotion
7. Social inclusion
8. Lighting

The jury that will evaluate the proposal will include representatives of Enel (Global Infrastructure & Networks) and a number of high-level personalities from universities, institutions and the design and architecture field.

EGI&N will recognize:

  • to the Applicant selected as winner of the Challenge an amount of 40,000 euros;
  • to the Applicants who will be selected for the conclusion of option award an amount of 10,000 euros.


Submissions to this Challenge must be received by 11:59 PM (Central European Time) on August 31st, 2022.

Late submissions will not be considered.




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