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New KCP – Prague Congress Centre

Submission: March 17, 2017
Registration: March 17, 2017
Language: English, Czech
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Prizes: 1st Prize: 37 000 € , 2nd Prize: 26 000 €, 3rd Prize: 18 500 €
Type: Two-round competition


The aim of the competition is to propose new exhibition spaces for the Prague Congress Centre (KCP), that would be used for different purposes, such as conventions, concerts and other social events.
An important condition will be the modernisation – extension – of the convention facilities that will fully meet the high demands of the organising events. The proposal should aim to create a contemporary added value to a building belonging to the architectural heritage of the 1970´s. A key aspect therefore will be the connection between the proposed extension and the existing KCP building.
The second, though not less important, condition for the proposal is its urban aspect, thanks to which the Congress Centre will be finally implemented into the city fabric. This will be a further step towards the transformation of the Prague Magistrála road, from a heavy traffic artery that is a real separating element in the city of Prague, to a 21st century city boulevard. It is critical therefore that the design proposes a high quality connection between the Congress Centre complex and the Nusle neighbourhood, and that it will respond to the potential of the everyday local dynamics.

The competition is international and open to all professionals that are authorised to work as architects or as engineers in the country where they have residency or their office siege.


1st prize is set at the sum of 1,000,000 Kč (37 000 €)

2nd prize is set at the sum of 700,000 Kč (26 000 €)

3rd prize is set at the sum of 500,000 Kč (18 500 €)

No awards will be given in this competition.

No reimbursement associated with participation in the Round I will be issued in this competition.

A total sum of 810 000 Kč (30 000 €) will be divided between the non-awarded participants that will enter the Round II of the competition and that will submit a design proposal in compliance with all the requirements asked for the Round II.


1st of December 2016 Announcement of the competition

20th of January 2017 Site Visit

15th of February 2017 by midnight CET Deadline for submission of the questions (Round I)

17th of March 2017 by 2.30 p.m. CET Deadline for submission of competition designs (Round I)

15th of May 2017 by midnight CET Deadline for submission of the questions (Round II)

30th of June 2017 by 2.30 p.m. CET Deadline for submission of competition designs (Round II)


Registration is free of charge and does not bind to submit the proposal. The contestants will register by sending an e-mail at:


The registration e-mail, preferably with subject „new KCP – REGISTRATION“ will contain:

Company / name; Name of contact person; Address for correspondence; E-mail address; Phone number

Competition documentation will be provided to the contestants in a week after their registration.

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