New Supreme Court Complex Philippines

Submission: November 03, 2016
Registration: October 04, 2016
Language: English
Location: Fort Bonifacio, Philippines
Prizes: 1st Prize: $ 80,000, 2nd Prize: $ 60,000, 3rd Prize: $ 40,000
Type: Open


The Supreme Court envisions its new home to be a culturally iconic building and a legacy for generations to come. It aims to build a green and resilient building for the efficient and effective dispensation of justice.


1.    Design a nationalistic and iconic Supreme Court Complex using the lowest possible Carbon Footprint;

2.    Incorporate ecologically sustainable and resilient design features;

3.    Maximum use of alternative sources of energy in the Complex design (e.g. wind, solar, biomass, etc.)

4.    Provide an economically feasible design;

5.    Create a positive Place Branding for the Supreme Court Complex; and

6.    Gather international best practices and design.


Each team will have a maximum of five (5) members per team.

A Filipino Architect in good standing must be one of the Key Members.

Each team must have the following Key Members:

1.    The Team Leader must be a licensed/registered Architect from any UIA (International Union of Architects) member country.

2.    A Green Building Professional with certification such as, but not limited to LEED AP, Certified BERDE Professional OR a Team Member with a Graduate and/or Doctoral Degree in one of the following fields:  Architecture, Architectural Engineering, Construction Management, Environmental Design/Planning, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Lighting Design, Urban Design; and Urban Planning.

3.    A Registered/Licensed Professional in one of the following fields: Interior Design, Landscape Architecture or Environmental Planning.

Key members may have multiple roles (e.g. Registered Architect, Certified Green Building Professional or Environmental Planner) as long as they have documentary proof of their respective qualifications to complete their team’s eligibility requirements.

Team members must be unique to the team and are not allowed to join and/or form other teams.


1.    Allot a Gross Floor Area of approximately 43,000 square meters for the New Supreme Court Building. Refer to Area Requirements given in the Competition Kit. Construction cost must be limited to Php 45,000-60,000 per square meter and compliant with limitations provided under Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) Regulations.

2.    Allot a Gross Floor Area of approximately 12,000 square meters for the Parking and Utilities Building. Construction cost must be limited to PhP 25,000 per square meter.

3.    Ratio of Built-Up Area to Open Space must be 70:30. Part of the Open Space portion of the Complex should be a public square located outside the main security gate.

4.    Provide separation of Public and Private Spaces. Design an alternative means of ingress and egress route accessible only to select occupants of the Complex as a security feature.


The competition will be a three-stage process.

The First Stage will be open to all Registered Participants that meet the eligibility requirements. The Submission will be electronic to encourage international and provincial participants. Entries will be anonymous. The Jury will select not more than 10 Top Teams that will be eligible for the second stage. The Jury will give each of the shortlisted teams a summary report about their submission (strengths, weaknesses, areas for improvement).

The Second Stage is only for the Teams shortlisted in the First Stage. The Submission Package (containing print and file) must be delivered to the Supreme Court. Teams shortlisted for the Second Stage will each receive $4,000.00 or P 190,000.00 (USD $1 = PhP 47.50), to cover the cost of the submission package.

The Jury will select not more than 5 Top Teams that will be eligible for the Final Stage. The Jury will give each of the shortlisted teams a summary report about their submission (strengths, weaknesses, areas for improvement).

The Final Stage is only for the Teams shortlisted in the Second Stage. The Submission Package (containing print, file; and scale model) must be delivered to the Supreme Court. Afterwards, the Supreme Court will hold an event where the Teams shortlisted in the Second Stage will present before the Jury. The said Teams will each receive $ 8,000.00 or P 380,000.00 (USD $1 = PhP 47.50) to cover the cost of the submission package and their transportation.

The Final Jury will be composed of the Supreme Court en banc (i.e. the 15 justices of the Supreme Court), assisted by the Competition Adviser. The Winning Entries will receive the following prizes:

First Place:        $ 80,000.00 or PhP 3,800,000.00

Second Place:  $ 60,000.00 or PhP 2,850,000.00

Third Place:      $ 40,000.00 or PhP 1,900,000.00

The First, Second, and Third prizes are gross amounts and subject to Philippine Tax.


First Stage: (electronic upload)

Entries must be anonymous. Use the assigned alpha-numeric code as label. Entries with identifying marks, logos, etc. will be disqualified. Font size must not be less than 12.

1.    One AVP (maximum of 2 minutes)

2.    One Digital Report in A4 size (Landscape Orientation), pdf format.

The Digital Report must contain the following:

·      a.    Page 1 for the Executive Summary

·     b.    Allot 1 page each to discuss: Identity, Functionality, Security, Sustainability, Feasibility; and Innovation.

·      c.     Site Development Plan with scale and labels (Limit to 1 page).

·      d.    Exterior Perspectives (Limit to 2 pages)

·     e.    Provide all the floor plans with dimensions (Limit one floor plan per page)

·    f.      Interior Perspectives of the following: Lobby, En Banc Session Hall, Dignitaries’ Lounge; an Office of a Justice; and Auditorium. (Limit 1 page per Area).

3.    Signed Forms and Declarations


Registration Period: 6 Sept. to 4 Oct. 2016

First Stage Submission Deadline: 3 Nov. 2016 (Philippine Standard Time)

Announcement of Shortlisted Teams: 28 Nov. 2016

Second Stage Submission Deadline: 2 January 2017

Announcement of Shortlisted Teams: 23 January 2017

Final Stage Submission Deadline: 27 February 2017

Awarding Ceremony: 17 March 2017

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