Submission: November 7, 2014
Registration: October 31, 2014
Language: English
Location: Venice, Italy
Prizes: 1500 euro cash prize + 10 honorable mentions
Type: Open competition


The competion aims to find a solution to the difficulty in moving through Venice. This city is famously unique thanks to its many canals that made it one of the most romantic places in the world.

Designing a residential building/s on the islands of Poveglia and Ottagono the designers will necessarily find a solution to connect it to the other islands of Venice. Applicants are free to find the best residential building solution for the islands. Analysing the surrounding areas and the city necessities, it will be fundamental to understand which type of building will be the best solution. It could be any typology of residential building, from a single private house to a big apartment block. There are no restrictions in design, apart from the use; which must be residential. Designers are also invited to find an innovative solution regarding the transportation of people and possible suppliers or maintenance crew to the site. This will be a possible example on how to improve transportation in Venice, a guide for the future development of this historical city. M-Arch does not fix any restriction to the solution of this Venetian issue, in order to let Designers to think out of the box. However, the solution must be a feasible suggestion.


Date: September 26, 2014