NeWoSpa Competition

Submission: November 30, 2015
Registration: November 30, 2015
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: 1st Prize:€1250, 2nd Prize: €500, 3rd Prize: €250
Type: Open


The “NeWoSpa” aims to be a space, not physical, where imagination / emotion overrides reason. Is a new concept to discuss ideas about the future of cities and societies. Inspired by the book “Einstein’s Dreams” by Alan Lightman and “Invisible Cities” by Italo Calvino, we created a webserie organized by 4 webisodes. Each of these wepisodes culminates with the launch of a design competition.

Here we intend to discuss, test, experiment and try out new ideas. We do not impose limits or barriers, just follow instinct and will. We want to break rules and assumptions introducing new issues into the public debate.

One of the big problems we face today has to do with the overuse of the soil mass through the construction and the consequent increase of city boundaries. Man ceased to respect nature to just focus on the economic aspects through a rapid enrichment. Capitalism overlapped the most important values like preserving the planet through a culture of sustainability.
” Levi – The Suspended City ” is the first of four episodes that we intend to build on the concept of buildings cities. The optimization of the city in the building for the benefit of nature and the environment. Based on the theme of the 4 elements , we wish to approach the man of nature and explore the concept of buildings cities. In this episode we explore the ” AIR “.
We want to think of new dynamics of trade relationship between housing and services , making a reflection of the city inside the building and bridging the needs of contemporary societies. We seek dynamic new movement, integration and relationship between all parties, adapting the building to current and future requirements.
Over the years we have had several successful examples of reinterpretation of the building as an object of use by man. Are paradigmatic cases that the Housing Unit of Marseille of Le Corbusier and the Copan building of Oscar Neymeirer, where the building takes the place of the town, though on a smaller scale.
So we wanted to go further and imagine that the building can take the place of the city. To do this you must also rethink how we organize ourselves in society. This exercise aims however rethink cities and societies of the future.

At the end of each episode a book will be published with the whole story and you, with your projects, can be part of it!
The winning proposal will be included in the book’s story with their images and their texts and the remaining proposals contain only in the book, as proposed participants in the contest.

Participation can be individual or as a group. Participants must be over 18 years old.
In the case of groups, the leader must be over 18 years old.
By participating in an ideasforward contest the participant accepts all the terms and conditions published on our website that define the rules for use of the company website, as well as the rules of participation therein.

Open Call – September 01 (noon) (London GMT + 0:00)
Promotional registration period from September 01 to September 15 23:59 – € 35

Regular registration period from September 16 to October 31, 23:59 (London GMT + 0:00) – Fee € 50 Late period of registration from November 01 to November 30, 23:59 (London GMT + 0:00) – Fee € 65 Close submissions at November 30, 23:59 – (London GMT + 0:00)
Publication of winners and honorable mentions at www.if-ideasforward.com on January 25, 2016

1st Place – € 1250 + publication in website, social networks + media partners + be part of a storybook

2nd Place – € 500 + publication in website, social networks + media partners + published on the book

3rd Place – € 250 + publication in website, social networks + media partners + published on the book
12 Honorable Mentions – publication in website, social networks + media partners – published on the book

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