architecture competition

Niagara Falls Pavilion

Submission: June 6, 2019
Registration: June 6, 2019
Language: English and Spanish
Location: Niagara Falls (United States of America – Canada)
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


Niagara Falls Pavilion contest seeks a re-encounter with nature and with people, that’s why the Niagara Falls are the ideal place to propose ideas. A space between two countries, united by a natural space of impressive beauty.
Niagara Falls Pavilion is a place of slowness, of slowness, where we can experience new relationships with nature and the environment, that make us aware of their need and incorporation into our way of life. A place to develop a new way of intervening where architecture is thought as a ARCHITECTURE FOR LIFE

Niagara Falls Pavilion is a place where you can experience new forms of leisure, giving value to the environment and not overlapping it. The project should highlight the uniqueness of the place and that it becomes a space for people to meet and relate their visitors to this spectacular setting, offering the visitor a unique experience.
The pavilion may be a specific intervention or occupy the entire proposed range, and may contain the following functions:
– Area of contemplation or pointview, where the main character is nature. A space to look, hear and feel. It can be one space or to be sparsed, it can also can consider accessibility, tours, including its variability over time.
– Rest area for the body, a space of evasion, where to eliminate the stress of everyday life.
– Restaurant area.
– Administration-meeting area and toilets.

This program is orientative and can be modified by the contestant. The area of intervention is free. These spaces may be closed, open or half-open, depending on the intentions of each project and can be at any level of the enclave established. There are no restrictions that van influence the decisions each participant makes.

PRIZES – 5400 Euros
First Prize – 3.500 € (1.500 € + 2.000 € Grant for Master’s degree MArch Valencia )
Three Accesits – 3 x 500 €
Gold Mention – 250 €
Special Award reTH!NKING – 100 € + registration next contest (50 €)
+ 10 Honourable Mentions – No economic prize

In addition the rethinking team is committed to the dissemination of the project through:

– Publication in magazines
– Publishing in blogs / architecture websites
– Publication in reTHINKING media

Fran Silvestre Navarro (Fran Silvestre Arquitectos)
Manuel Aires Mateus (Aires Mateus Arquitectos)
Guillermo Rubio Boronat (Editor TC Cuadernos)
Sevak Asatrián (MArch Investigator)

March 9TH 2019 Early Registration starts
JUNE 6TH 2019 – 18:00H (Madrid Time) Submission deadline
July 2019 Winners announcement

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