saudi and african competiiton

Nofa Sculpture Installation Competition

Submission Deadline: November 30, 2021
Registration Deadline: November 15, 2021
Language: English
Location: Details in description
Prizes: Total Prize money 30,664 $
Type: Open to all artists of GCC country , Iraq, Lebanese, Palestinian and Jordanian nationalities and African Countries


In support of Local and African artists, Nofa announces it’s first open call competition for outdoor sculpture installations that will be distributed on 6 locations within the boundaries of the resorts, 3 of which will be placed inside the African Resort for african participation and 3 will be distributed on the Equestrian and the Golf Resort for GCC country , Iraq, Lebanese, Palestinian and Jordanian participation.

Registration Rules

  • All mentioned clauses of Nofa Sculpture Competition project are under the supervision of Nofa Resort and Nofa Events.
  • Open to all artists of GCC country , Iraq, Lebanese, Palestinian and Jordanian nationalities and African Countries.
  • In order to be eligible for the prize, the artist must provide complete and accurate Information. Registration Entries with incomplete or missing information will not be considered.
  • One site selection and one competition entry is permitted per individual.
  • Teams may apply to two sites as two separate entries, but the lead artist cannot be same or entry will be disqualified.
  • Entries must be original work of the artists especially designed for competition. It cannot be a replication of earlier works and must not contain any elements that are protected by someone else’s copyright or otherwise subject to third-party intellectual property or proprietary rights, including privacy and publicity rights.

Artist Rules

  • Artist/s can work individually or in teams, with team effort stipulating lead artist including the names of the rest of the team, maximum: 5
  • Artists are not to add or imply any personal information (name, nationality, gender) in the required, drawings, 750 word description essay or Bill of quantities.
  • Description essay: to briefly describe the artwork, concept, the design, and explanation of how the sculpture fits with the objective of the competition
  • Individuals or teams to have a structural and / or civil engineer and / or someone experienced with building on the team to review the drawings of the installation for stability of structure, ease of construction and budget compliance.
  • Artwork must not contain obscenity, explicit sexual material, nudity, profanity, violence, commercial solicitation or promotion.
  • Creative abstract expression is required, realistic imagery/drawing will be disqualified.
  • Nofa reserves the right to reproduce images of the work (with full credit to the artists) for Nofa marketing materials.
  • The First, Second and Third place winners will be invited to Nofa for the Award Ceremony (Subject to travel permits due to Covid)
  • All entries are subject to pre-screening by Nofa to ensure compliance with these Competition Rules. Any entry out of compliance will not be accepted.
  • Nofa reserves the right in their sole and absolute discretion to verify whether a potential finalist or potential winning design has fully complied with these Competition Rules before the awarding prize, recognizing a winner, etc.
  • Winning artists may be invited to Saudi to supervise construction of installation, transport, food and board will be paid for by Nofa.
  • The following individuals are not eligible to participate in the competition:
    • Nofa owner’s immediate family members, employees, interns and officers of the Resorts, or any employees, interns or officers of any agencies, companies or entities involved in the administration, advertising, judging, creation, development, execution, and/or fulfillment of this competition or their immediate members.
    • Organizations are not eligible to compete for the prize, either as an entity or through representation by an individual.

Material Rules

  • Materials selection for the installation are restricted to locally available materials. Pictures and Cost of materials are made available on the competition website.
  • Artist/s is free to express the concept in any material or combination of materials as long as the total material cost is within the budget stipulated.
  • Artist/s has to calculate quantity of materials with unit cost provided and keep to budget stipulated.

Budget Rules

  • Installation Budget: 100,000 SAR (26,666 $) per installation as totaled in the Bill of Quantity form provided with the materials selected.
  • The budget does not include labour – costs which is the responsibility of Nofa.


Please check the website for more details.


Total Prize money 30,664 $

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