Submission: 30th September 2024 Registration: 30th September 2024 Location: International Language: English Prizes: 1000€ Type: Open

In this competition, we challenge designers to create versatile living solutions that can be easily transported and assembled, offering comfort and utility regardless of the location.

The proposed habitats should be more than mere shelters; they should be dynamic spaces that adapt to various environments and lifestyles, from the busy city landscapes to tranquil natural retreats.

This competition aims to reimagine mobile living solutions for the modern nomad. This challenge invites creative minds from across the globe to design adaptable, transportable living units that combine functionality with innovation, catering to the needs of those who embrace a mobile lifestyle.

We encourage architects and designers to develop habitational units that are not only practical and sustainable but also reflecting the values and sensibilities of the contemporary society.

How does your design intend to interrupt the usual perceptions of mobile living? How can your approach provide a new narrative in the discourse on adaptable and transportable living solutions?

This is a call to rethink traditional boundaries and propose innovative solutions that accommodate the fluidity of modern life. In a world where change is the only constant, our living environments must evolve to meet the demands of a lifestyle that values flexibility, mobility, and sustainability.