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North Design Union Headquarters – Architecture Design Competition 2019

Submission: April 15, 2019
Registration: March 31, 2019
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


When we enter to the information age, science and technology makes a revolutionary progress in our daily life and working mode. With the dramatic change of lifestyle and urban re-centralization, interactive and flexible building clusters become more accessible to inspire staff and search for excellent partners for them. Thus, innovation, integration and mutual benefit become key points of such industry centers.

Undoubtedly, design practitioners are one of groups who are demanding in spatial use. Designers will create more possibilities for space and realize them after reviewing explosive information and integrating them reasonably.

Under such a condition, designers’ working environment and industrial chains’ requirements will lead and be worked as prototypes among all industries, which represent endless possibilities yet different from all industries.

In the near future, NDU will introduce and foster new generation of comprehensive design talents with international influence and strong ingenuity. Then, traditional headquarters and office buildings become barriers to design thinking.

Adaptability is the most important feature in design industry. Meanwhile complete cooperative mechanism, perfect match among industry chains, endless possibilities of industry expansion, strong interaction, and instant information spread also play significant roles in designing modern space to meet people’s requirements. It is undoubted that such a design center will gather around enterprises from different fields, which will generate huge polymerization effect.

One certain space can be worked as a gallery, a lecture hall or an office depending on different period and users. In that case, public space like meeting rooms, guest rooms and libraries can be shared in various ways which can minimize personal costs and double the utilization efficiency. Besides, people will improve their working efficiency when sharing information through more interaction.

Also, North Design Union plans to build buildings for design research in the industrial park to promote Chentang Slef Innovation Demonstration District and makes it a cluster for design industry.

By 2020, North Design Union will become one of the most influential demonstration unions, which gathers design industries. And Hexi District will be the most powerful national demonstration district featuring in strong capability, sustainability and friendliness in North China.

And by 2025, the international design center will be built in north with high quality along with innovative design industrial chain. Accordingly, the cooperative mechanism and service platform of NDU will be improved, which will expand industrial chain and value chain of enterprises in the union and make their demands match with each other more efficiently.

So what will be the future headquarters for design industry? How it can meet above demands? What are the style, space and spatial order of the headquarters when we enter to the future information age?

This competition is launched by North Design Union and Young Bird Plan (an international platform) and supported by Shanghai TACTER Management and Consulting., Ltd.

2019 North Design Union Headquarters – Architecture Design Competition is looking for design teams who can break the traditional spatial mode of office buildings and redefine the headquarters for design industry. Based on internet sharing economy and interactive working mode, designers shall design innovative office mode by integrating interdisciplinary ideas ranging from user interface, ecology, interaction, industry chain integration, marketing and cooperation. Your design scheme shall include necessary functional spaces and affiliated functional spaces.

Necessary space:
Open offices;
Independent offices;
Dining space;
Research space;
Exhibition room;
Lecture hall;
AV room;
Meeting room;
Resting room;
Reading room

Top 3 design schemes will be referred when North Design Union Headquarters is built.

★ First Prize

1 winner; 200,000 RMB (pre-tax); Certificate of Honor.

★ Top 3

2 winners; 80,000 RMB each (pre-tax); Certificate of Honor.

★ Top 9

6 winners; 20,000 RMB each (pre-tax); Certificate of Honor.

★ People’s Choice Award

1 winners; 20,000 RMB each (pre-tax); Certificate of Honor.

★ Shortlists

Finalist certificate.

All winners (include shortlists) will be awarded YOUNG BIRDS Magazine of 5th anniversary edition; winning schemes will be published on media platforms of Young Bird Plan and its magazines.

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