Ocean Skyscraper Design Competition

SubmissionSeptember 29, 2014
RegistrationSeptember 29, 2014 (60$)
Language: English
Location: Pacific Ocean
Prizes1st Prize $ 3.000     2nd Prize $ 1.200    3rd Prize $ 800
Type: Open competition for architects and architecture students.

This international competition challenges participants to design a new Ocean Skyscraper as part of a wider investigation into possible vision for the creation of communities within such an environment as the Pacific ocean in responds to the congestion on urban land leads to greater density.

The Skyscraper will serve as a luxury hotel in the Pacific Ocean and should take into account the unique topology.
The design should be visually and aesthetically engaging. It should also maximise the positive impact of such a vertical structure whist minimising the negative in an environment such as the Pacific. It should respond directly to the issue of sustainable space creation and also address the social, environmental, cultural and economic issues together with concerns of construction in such an environment.