Only a Box_International ideas competition

Submission: May 31, 2016
Registration: May 31, 2016
Language: English, Italian
Location: Turin, Italy
Prizes: Exhibition
Type: Open


After the successful past Editions La Città Nuda The Naked City presents, in collaboration with Moso Internationale TAG Talent Garden Torino, the new international contest focalised on the “architecture in a box”. This edition, organized by the Architects Giulia Desogus, Valerio Fogliati and Ambra Seghesio, will be concluded with a ehibition in Turin, in the neighbourhood Porta Palazzo.

The competition_

The competition requires the participants to create a small dynamic and multifunctional space to be set up in a 50 mq (530 square feet). The architectural ideas presented and their construction process will have to be innovative, linked to the concepts of speed of construction, temporariness, low cost of execution, manageability and functionality.

The concept behind the competition is “architecture in a box”, the redesign of a space in a neutral existing container.
It’s like an empty box: the project needs to be set up within this spacial constraint but without forgetting how its relationships with the urban context around can influence its internal dynamics. A white box, placed, drawn on a piece of paper.

The site_

Porta Palazzo is an historical neighbourhood of Turin, it has always been the market area with noumerous small craft – commercial – services businesses, once the heart of the neighbourhood, do no longer run and they left only empty spaces. The goal of this competition is to provide a pilot project which would give some indications to transform this vacant spaces in something new and riqualified active on the real estate market.

Design Directions_

The participants are asked to think of a ‘parasitic’ micro-architecture linked to the heart of the main structure that houses it and that can generate temporary interactions, functional to the dimensional requirements mentioned, whose principles can be replicated in similar contexts.

The proposal will have to develop a system that can expand and shrink depending on the needs and availability of space and time, equipped to meet different functional needs.

Taking out the right tool from a drawer depending on the situations.

The project must be able to adapt to these three configurations:
Empty – temporary exhibition,vernissage, leisure Partially set up – debates, projections Staged – artist workshop, temporary freelancer office Expanded – coworking.


The participation is open to everybody is interested on this topic, every architect, designer, student and professional without age limits or country, either individually or in groups. Groups have to nominate a teamleader who will be the contact person for communications.


Registration is open until the last day of delivery processed 31st May 2016
Till 31st March the fee is 15,00 euros.
From 1st April to 31st May the fee is 20,00 euros and you can pay with PayPal or bank transfer (for info about account number write to: lacittanuda@gmail.com).
Partecipation fee is intended to cover the costs of organising of the contest and the exibition.
The fee is for each group or participant.



A digital file format 50 X 70 and drawn horizontally. It should be delivered in .jpg format with a resolution not exceeding 200 dpi.
Anyone can decide how to draw up their work by inserting the elaborate plans, sections, three – dimensional reconstructions, render etc. The thesis project must contain at the top right a alphanumeric identifier


A folder A4 Word format, maximum 4,000 characters including spaces, where not inserted images or graphics design. Internally they are described reasons formal and functional characterization of most of the proposal.

In the header you must Insert the alphanumeric code.


The winner project will recive a plaque during the exhibition opening and will be expose to a public exhibit during the Festival Architecture in the City 2016 in Torino and they will be published on the magazine online La Città Nuda ISSN 2421-1265.

Every selected project will be expose to a public exhibit during the Festival Architecture in the City 2016 in Torino and they will be published on the magazine online La Città Nuda ISSN 2421-1265.

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