geometry competition

Open Call: 7 Petal School, Designing the School of the Future

Submission: July 09, 2018
Registration:  July 09, 2018
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


This is a call for all visionary architects and designers that wish to change the Education in a worldwide scale. Our world urgently needs architectural proposals that foster innovative ideas for the Schools of this third Millennium. The 7 Petal School is such a project, aiming at a re-evolutionary educative transformation, based on the programs of Pedagooogia 3000.

With this purpose, the Architects 3000 Network was co-created in 2008. As a non-profit and pedagogic organisations, the Architects 3000 Network and Pedagooogia 3000 conceived this open call as a solidary competition, based in sharing ideas, establish alliances and open opportunities, in which we all win. All together we are co-creating this network of ideas to transform the Education for the children of Today and Tomorrow. Please share your creative visions!

Innovative architecture for a 7 Petal School for an existing site or an ideal place.
The proposals must integrate the 7 pedagogical areas which are interlaced and complementary.
Please download the 7 Petal School book, at no cost, by Noemi Paymal and Pedagooogia 3000 and refer to the 7 Petal School Web Page (https://architects3000.weebly.com/open-calls.html).

Design and conceptual guidelines:
The proposals will be appreciated and selected by the following guidelines:
• Layout of the 7 Petals clearly outlined, with its respective 7 colours
• Integration of some universal geometry, related to contemporary design
• Bio-construction (optional)
• Bio-climatic design
• Green areas and open air spaces
• Functional and practical design for children
• Aesthetically harmonious and attractive
• And fun for the students (and teachers)!

Three selected proposals will receive a free registration and hotel accommodation (for one person per team) to participate in the 6-days of the Gathering and to present the project.
Seven selected proposals will be published in the 7 Petal School book, volume III, 2019.
All submitted proposals will be published in this website.
All authors and teams may become part of the Architects 3000 Network, which offers advantages:
• priority for Architects 3000 Network members for future constructions of the next 7 Petal School (at the moment there are 4 schools in preparation worldwide, and 6 functioning)
• special discount on all of Pedagooogia 3000 and Architects 3000 future events.
The jury is composed by members of the Architects 3000 Network (4 architects and one pedagoge).

Who may participate:
Open to all professionals and students.

Your proposal should include:
• Two panels A2 size poster in JPEG 150 dpi
• A  text of explanation (maximum 2000 words)
• Name, email, phone, age, title, affiliation, institution
• Optional: you may add an animation.

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