Submission: November 25, 2015
Registration: November 25, 2015
Language: English
Location: Prishtina, Kosovo
Prizes: 1st Prize: € 45,000, 2 & 3 Prize: € 10,000 each
Type: Professionals


NTN Tregtia Construction company and Municipality of Prishtina invite all architects and urban planners to participate in an urban design competition for designing the masterplan of ”Kodrina” complex in Prishtina, Kosovo.

Through this open call, “NTN Tregtia”, in cooperation with the Municipality of Prishtina, aims to reach innovative proposals from international teams’ of professional planners, architects and landscape architects. The purpose of this competition is to find an original solution and a visionary concept for “Kodrina” complex and through urban design and construction of new infrastructure to achieve the creation of housing quality and sustained urban life in conjunction with the existing features of the area.

The competition, organized in two phases, will end with the selection of the best design team that will be determined by an international jury. The selected Masterplan will be implemented in stages and terms of the implementation project will be discussed between the “NTN Tregtia” and the winning team after closing-up the competition.


The main objective of this competition for designing the Masterplan of “Kodrina” complex is to provide an urban solution that is innovative, comprehensive and above all which will be an example of implementation of the urban development plan and regulatory plans of Prishtina, based on a general concept of urban solution and not to a partial architectural solution. Participants are expected to provide ideas on a solution which:
• integrate with the terrain and the wider context;
• is based on the principles of sustainability;
• has as a primary objective the solution of public/social infrastructure for the welfare of the citizens
• gives importance to the innovative solutions for the housing typologies (typologies that offer more flexibility in collective housing market in Kosovo are those in sections and towers);
• provides good access to main roads that surround it through three nodes connecting the north, north-east and south (see attached maps in programe and annex folders);
• proposes internal roads that enable connection to any residential or other units, without adversely affecting the flow of vehicles that will frequent this area as well as the number of people who will live there;
• is friendly to pedestrians;
• provides adequate parking and garaging;
• well-integrates the built spaces with open spaces;
• interconnects the residential units, but also creates a certain  familiarity with accompanying facilities regarding business and social services;
• foresees the process of its realization in phases where the level of implementation is very high.
• each owner of the parcels within the perimeter defined by this competition should gain equal construction rights based on the laws in force and/or based on the agreement between Municipality of Prishtina and NTN Tregtia (see an next folder). Each solution should push the boundaries of creativity while adapting to the local context
and setting high design standards.
The aim of the competition is to generate ideas that will lead to a solution with a clear urban identity, which shall be well integrated with its surrounding context and friendly with environment and pedestrians. Thus, more qualitative and sustainable housing will be achieved by combining three essential and challenging elements of competition: high density construction, necessary public/social infrastructure and adequate environmental management.
Phase 1:
At this stage, competitors must represent themselves illustrating their professional and economic capacities, methodology of work and the vision for the future of the competition area. The submissions of the competitors will be carefully considered by members of the first stage jury. Evaluation and selection will be made based on the criteria listed below (Selection Criteria, Phase 1). 3 (three) to 7 (seven) teams will be selected to elaborate their idea further in a second phase.
Phase 2:
3 to 7 selected teams from the first phase will thoroughly articulate their concept based on the documentation that they have to deliver. At this stage it is intended to draft the Masterplan of “Kodrina” complex, which must have good connections with the surrounding context, to contain all the necessary public activities that are accessible by all citizens of Prishtina and to be friendly with the environment and pedestrians. According to the selection criteria – Phase 2, members of the jury, after carefully reviewing the documentation submitted by competitors, will select the winner of the competition and will award two mention prizes. After the conclusion of the competition, “NTN Tregtia” is ready to cooperate with the winning team to harmonize the project with the contextual situations that the winning team has been facing during the drafting process of the Master Plan. The harmonized project should be as feasible as possible, for which “NTN Tregtia” is ready to begin negotiations with the winning team on the terms of drafting the implementation project of the Masterplan proposed.
The competition is open to all professional architects/group of architects and urban designers, who, after teaming up, should meet the following conditions:
1. Be registered or accredited by a formal registration or accreditation authority in their country of origin;
2. Where registration and accreditation is not available in a particular jurisdiction, they should be members of a relevant professional institution in their country of origin (university or professional association).
 Competitors must submit evidence on registration, accreditation or licensing from relevant institutions in the country of origin for each member presented in the Team Com
position Statement. Each competing team must have at least an architect, an urban planner/landscape architect, a civil engineer, a transportation engineer, and an environmental engineer. All team members must be identified in the Team Composition Statement.
Winner: 45.000,00 Euro

2 mention prices: 10.000,00 Euro each

Compensation of shortlisted teams: 7.000,00 Euro each

The competitive teams should submit a set of documents in order to be eligible for both phases of the competition:
Phase 1:
• Team Composition Statement;
• CV of each member of the team;
• Methodology;
• Vision Statement;
• Income Statement of the Team or each Member of the Team for the last calendar year.
Phase 2:
The Masterplan, to be submitted in two parts:
•Written part:
– Analysis;
– Estimates;
– Concept;
– The argumentation of the chosen settlement scheme;
– Technical description.
•Graphic part:
1.Site plans, in scale 1: 5000 and 1: 2000:
– Concept;
– Emplacement, boundaries and number of floors for the proposed buildings;
– Network of roads, streets and paths;
– Access to the underground garages;
– Green and other open spaces
2. Ground floor plan, in scale 1: 1000;
3.Housing typologies, in scale 1: 500;
4.Longitudinal and latitudinal sections, in scale 1: 1000;
5.Elevations, in scale 1: 1000;
6.3D Illustrations, isometry or perspective;