OPEN CALL minus20degree 2022

OPEN CALL: minus20degree 2022

Submission: July 14, 2021
Registration: July 14, 2021
Language: English
Location: Flachau, Austria
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


minus20degree (m20d) is looking for artists in the field of sound art, videoart, performance, theater, installation, or dynamic land art. We are especially interested in long range art forms, art that takes and needs space, art that is mobile or makes the audience move. We also look forward receiving proposals for dynamic sound- and videoart that embraces the snowy landscape as endless projection surface.

minus20degree provides outside space for art that is controversial, provocative, but founded. minus20degree is completely independent, thus does not need to please or go easy on the audience.

All art works need to be conceptualized especially for minus20degree.

The theme

minus20degree 2022 is dedicated to the overarching theme “REMOTE“.

The theme remains undefined for the time being. Applicants have the freedom to conceptualize and interpret the theme in your own way, unaffected by any preconception.

By doing this, the theme can slowly take shape during the process and all thoughts of the artists can be included in the official program of minus20degree 2022.


All sites will be outside and exposed to the elements. Temperatures might be as low as minus 20 degree, but it also can rain. Therefore, all artworks must be water and temperature resistant. The amount of snow cannot be predicted. Generally, there are 20-60cm in the valley and up to 150cm on the mountains.

Flachau is a village with a large variety of natural and manmade landscapes. It is a highly touristic village with about 2.700 inhabitants that can host over 10.000 tourists. Hotels, ski lifts and ski slopes are very present as elements in the landscape as well as barely touched forests, fields, and mountain tops. The entire valley can potentially be used as site for artistic interventions.

For the open call it is not necessary to know the exact location already. Once a project is selected by the jury, the minus20degree team will support the artist to realize the work in the requested landscape or will help to find an alternative setting.

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