Open International Urban Planning Competition for The “New Kharkhorum” City of Mongolia

Submission: 16th July 2024 Registration: 15th April 2024 Location: Mongolia Language: English and Mongolian Prizes: 1.6 billion MNT Type: Open

We want to bring to your attention an open international competition for the master planning project of Mongolia’s new city, “New Kharkhorum.” This project presents a unique opportunity for everyone to contribute innovative ideas to the city’s development. We highly encourage you to visit our website to register and be considered for this exciting project.

The Mongolian President, the National Assembly, and the Government of Mongolia have mandated the establishment of the “New Kharkhorum” city in the Orkhon Valley. Some reasons for creating a new city include overcrowding and pollution in the current capital city, Ulaanbaatar, and the desire to decentralize government and economic activity. However, building a new capital city is a complex and multi-faceted undertaking that involves many considerations. Some essential aspects to consider might include location, infrastructure, environmental impact, cost, and the population’s needs and preferences. If Mongolia were to build a new capital city successfully, it could benefit the country in several ways. For example, it could provide opportunities for economic growth and development, improve living conditions for residents, and help reduce pollution and congestion in the current capital city.

The Orkhon Valley, a renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site, is transforming. Major construction work has commenced to revitalize the ancient capital of the Mongols, Kharkhorum, into a bright, eco-city based on environmentally friendly development.
This ambitious project aims to convert the city into a sustainable metropolis that will serve as a model for the world. The initiative involves adopting cutting-edge technologies, renewable energy sources, green building techniques, and modern urban planning principles to achieve this.
The new Kharkhorum has been designed to be a smart city where intelligent systems will efficiently manage resources, including energy, water, and waste. The city’s infrastructure will be powered by renewable energy sources such as solar and wind, significantly reducing the carbon footprint.
In addition, the city’s architecture and urban planning will be centered around ecological and sustainable development, ensuring the preservation of the Orkhon Valley’s natural beauty. Green spaces, public transportation, and pedestrian paths will make Kharkhorum walkable, promoting healthy living and community engagement. This groundbreaking endeavor aims to harness the power of innovation and collaboration in tackling our time’s most pressing global challenges.

Open to international and domestic organizations, teams, and individuals with the following professionals:
• Urban Planning
• Architecture
• Landscape Architecture
• Urban Economics
• Infrastructure Engineering
• Civil Engineering
• Additional experts can be optional

SITE AREA: 193 km2
DURATION: March 18, 2024 – August 02, 2024
SPONSOR: The Government of Mongolia
ORGANIZER: The Urban Planning Administration of the “New Kharkhorum” City of Mongolia
OFFICIAL LANGUAGE: Mongolian, English