oslo architecture competition

#OsloCall: Cultural Center for norwegian waterfront

Submission: April 12, 2019
Registration: April 12, 2019
Language: Italian, English, Espaniol
Location: Oslo, Norway
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


Oslo is a unique place in perfect balance between architecture and nature: green landscapes, first among all the Fjords, make this one of the greenest cities in Europe. Great explorers have started to conquer extreme peaks but there are also artistic personalities, Munch and Viegeland, that have characterized Norwegian history. History and tradition are mixed with instances of contemporary design: Astrup Feornley Museu, Operahuslet, Barcode district, are just some of the architectures that have given a new image to the urban waterfront.

In this area of interesting ferment we want to imagine the Oslo Cultural Center, a contemporary sign in a district that with the Forsvartmuseet and the Nasjonallmuseet of Arkitektur has become a small cultural citadel.

Auditorium, exhibition halls and photographic archives will be part of a new building in which events and performances will allow the local community to share experiences of historical-cultural value. A place for culture that gives continuity to the already started territorial development program.

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