Submission: January 28, 2016
Registration: January 28, 2016
Language: English, Italian, French
Location: Paris, France
Prizes: 1st Prize: 500€, 2nd Prize: 250€, 3rd Prize: 100€
Type: Open


In the scene of ancient turmoil and profound changes that we want to reflect to imagine an architecture, contemporary styling. What function? A coffee or an art academy, a choice of the competitors, will be the types to be proposed to return the district to relive the splendor of not long ago.


Competitors may choose at its own discretion whether to propose the theme of the competition a coffee or art academy, for which they identified two different ares. Not to be developed both but only one of the two types. The choice should not be made at registration but must be communicated to the delivery of the material beings into MODEL A attached to this annoucement. There are the space dimension that the everyone can integrate to his liking.


  • -Restaurant: 200 mq
  • -Coworking space: 70mq
  • -Reading space: 70mq
  • -Expouse space: 70mq
  • -Kitchen: 50-100mq
  • -Deposit: 50 mq
  • -Dressing room: 25mq
  • -WC: 20mq


-Theatre laboratory: 100-150mq
-Painting and sculpture laboratory: 200mq -Offices: 50mq
-WC: 20mq
-Deposit: 50mq
-Dressing room: 25mq
-Coffee area: 100mq
-Hall: 50mq


There is no limit for the competition. I allowed to contest all those who want to deal with the theme proposed, whatever their country of origin. There are no age limits and can enroll students, graduates or professionals. You can participate individually or in groups (there is no limit on the number of competitors for the design team). In the second case it is necessary to elect a leader for the only purpose of having a contact person to which official communications. All competitors have the same rights and must fulfill the same obligations. Teams may consist of mixed graduate-students and professionals.


The materials must be sent in a single payment by 28th January 2016. Following the delivery can not be forwarded again to replace and should not be missing from any of the points listed below; who does not respect the Regulation is excluded from the contest. They are part of the documentation of the competition:

-MODEL A: In the end of regulation

-PROJECT TABLE: A digital file format A0 and drawn horizontally. It should be delivered in .jpg format with a resolution not exceeding 150 dpi. Anyone can decide how to draw up their work by inserting the elaborate plans, sections, three-dimensional reconstructions, render etc.

-RELATION OF PROJECT: A folder A4 Word format, maximum 4,000 characters including spaces, where not inserted images or graphics design. Internally they are described reasons formal and functional characterization of most of the proposal.


The winners of the competition will be communicated no later than 22 February 2016. The awards recognized:

-FIRST PRIZE: 500,00 euro (taxes excluded)

-SECOND PRIZE: 250,00 euro (taxes excluded)

-THIRD PRIZE: 100,00 euro (taxes excluded)

there is the possibility of a draw, if the prize is divided among the competitors of the same placement. Do not exclude mentions that the jury will agree to other worthy projects. There are no cash prizes for the projects mentioned. All projects with recognition will be published on our site.

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