past continous is future perfect

Past Continuous is Future Perfect

Submission: October 15, 2017
Registration: October 15, 2017
Language: English
Location: India
Prizes: Four Prizes of Combined Total INR 1,16,000.00
Type: Student Competition


Landscape Foundation Students’ Design Competition 2017 is an attempt to encourage students to explore and visualize surrounding areas around monuments and heritage precincts with radical and fresh approaches so as to make them meaningful and relevant spaces along with the historical spirit in which they are sited, thus becoming part of the daily life of the city or a town or a village.


Architectural heritage sites are an invaluable part of a country’s cultural legacy. Conceptualized and created in a different epoch and context, they are memory markers of cultural history and give a sense of time to the place. These sites—historic palaces, forts, tombs and pleasure gardens, religious places, traditional streets and old water harvesting structures—are now public spaces. The physical and cultural contexts of these historical structures have completely changed with the character of open spaces around transformed. Largely due to the legislation of Central and State Archaeological Departments, these open areas are developed as gardens and parks or are left as uninviting, fenced open lands.

Is it the only way to conserve and protect these areas which at many times become inert islands, disconnected from the life of the city? Can the area around New Delhi’s Red Fort—at present open lawns—be conceptualized as a cultural venue on the nation’s Independence Day and for the rest of the year, as a place for informal shopping, public rallies and performing arts—an accessible, vibrant public space? Or can the areas around Hyderabad’s Golconda Fort be developed as terraced fruit orchards? And can the zone surrounding Shaniwar Wada in Pune be visualized as a recreational hub, or are its formal gardens better suited for its present-day context?

Many sensitive and relevant approaches and ideas can be envisioned for development of these spatial open spaces so that they become lively places relating well to the contemporary needs and concerns of the region. This year’s competition theme—PAST CONTINUOUS IS FUTURE PERFECT—provokes students to visualize surroundings around monuments with fresh perspectives for them to be meaningful and relevant spaces with the historical spirit and become part of the daily life of the city or a town or a village.


If you are studying in any one of the following courses anywhere in India: 2 years Full time Post-Graduate Courses / Masters in Landscape Architecture / Urban Design / Conservation / Planning and others with / without specializations in any discipline 5 years Full time Under Graduate Courses in Architecture / Planning, B. Arch / D. Arch / B. Planning 4 years Graduate Diploma in Art / Design with / without specialization in any discipline 2 – 2 1/2 years Full Time Post Graduate Diploma in Design with / without specialization in any discipline OR You have graduated from any one of the courses noted above in May–July 2017.

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Date: August 17, 2017