Peace Corps commemorative work (Washington D.C.) National Design Competition

Submission: June 12, 2015
Registration:  June 12, 2015
Language: English
Location Washington DC, USA
PrizesStage 2 finalists will receive a stipend of $17,500


The Peace Corps Commemorative Foundation (PCCF) is sponsoring a two-stage, national design competition to select an artistically exceptional design concept for a permanent commemorative work in the heart of Washington, DC.

The commemorative work will honor the enduring historic significance of the 1961 establishment of the Peace Corps and the fundamental American ideals and values embodied in Peace Corps and expressed in Peace Corps service.

The commemorative site is a visible triangle of federal parkland located near the U.S. Capitol Building and Capitol Grounds, the National Mall and Washington’s historic Union Station. The National Park Service (NPS) will maintain the commemorative work in perpetuity after construction is completed.

The purpose of this national design competition is to provide designers from all across the United States an opportunity to create a compelling design concept for a truly unique commemorative work of public art, a design concept that will be bold and inspirational.

The design should focus on and express American ideals and values that are the essence of the Peace Corps and Peace Corps service. It should be about America and our aspirations as a people, and about the Peace Corps as a manifestation of those aspirations.

The commemorative work is purposely not called a monument or a memorial. It should not be a monument to the Peace Corps as a federal government agency, nor to Peace Corps volunteers, nor to volunteers who gave their lives in service. It should not be a monument to President Kennedy, to Sargent Shriver, to the Peace Corps’ founding documents, nor to the geopolitical conditions that motivated the creation of the Peace Corps.

This design competition is open to artists; landscape architects; architects; and students currently enrolled in a university-level program. An individual, a team of individuals or a firm can compete. For individual competitors, a university degree or state-issued license in architecture or landscape architecture is not required. All individual competitors must be at least 18 years of age.

Prior to or upon submission of a Stage I design concept, each competing entity – individual, team or firm – must register by completing a design concept submission form accompanied by a $100.00 non-refundable registration/entry fee. For university students, the non-refundable registration/entry fee is $50.00.

A single competing entity – individual, team of individuals or firm – may submit more than one Stage I design concept by paying a $100.00 entry fee, or $50.00 for university students, for each additional Stage I design concept submitted.

Submission requirements for Stage I design concepts:
 the format shall be a single, horizontally oriented, 24 inch high by 36 inch wide “board;”
 the board can be a digital composition or a digital scan of a manually produced composition;
 a PDF or JPEG file not exceeding eight (8) megabytes shall be submitted to Submittable.com;  do NOT show any submitter identification on the design concept board

Stage I design concept submission forms, registration/entry fees and design concepts are due on or before 4:00 p.m. ET on the date shown in the design competition Schedule at the end of this Brief.

After submissions are verified for compliance with design competition requirements and Conditions set forth in Section VII of this Brief, the Stage I Jury will select up to six (6) design concepts and Finalist entities (individual, team, firm) to compete during Stage II.



Monday March 9:

Design competition announced, online pre-registrations and Stage I design begin

Monday June 1:

Deadline for receipt of questions

Friday June 12:

Deadline for receipt of submission forms, entry fees and Stage I design concepts

Saturday June 27:
Stage I Jury completes review of design concept submissions and selects Finalists

Questions due June 1 and submissions due June 12 must be received no later than 4:00 pm ET. STAGE II

Stage II Finalists refine concepts, prepare boards and preliminary cost estimates, build model

Saturday September 12:
Stage II Finalists come to Washington to present refined design concepts to Stage II Jury for selection of the preferred design concept.

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