PINarchitecture /// The Invisible Skyline

Submission: May 31, 2016
Registration: May 31, 2016
Language: English 
Location: Concept
Prizes: N/A
Type: Open


Skylines are symbols for the cities above which they hover. Yet, the majority of buildings in cities lie well below the pinnacles of skyscrapers. Are skylines appropriate billboards for cities when most of population lives, works, and shops in the bottom few stories? What if a skyline, while still physically there, was invisible above ten stories? How does the function of a skyline change when it can no longer be seen? How might architecture, technology, or natural phenomena hide such a large mass of buildings? What might be the functional or political purpose of hiding a skyline? What happens when a skyline becomes invisible?

Participants are asked to submit concepts that hide a skyline from view, rather than physically remove it. Submissions may be conceptual, technical, and/or artistic.


All media and text must fit within one 4 inch diameter circle with white beyond (300dpi JPG).


There are no entry fees and no specific eligibility requirements. International entries are welcome.


Send entries to PINcompetition@gmail.com. Include your name, city, state, and country.


Submissions will be judged by a rotating jury of three designers each month. The first place winner has the option of being a juror for a future competition.

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