concurso internacional de arquitectura

Primeiro Projecto International Architecture Competition

Submission: April 28, 2017
Registration: April 28, 2017
Language: English, Portugese
Location: Matosinhos, Portugal
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


The objective of this call for tender is the creation of a new identity for the facilities of Jofebar company with special emphasis on PanoramAH! brand consistent with the company’s values and the spirit of solutions and products that it develops. Whilst preserving the existing building, we ask the competitors to present innovative solutions, by creating a new structure / façade, via static or dynamic elements, with the use of traditional or technological elements that highlight its façade.

Therefore, with the absence of a default programmatic concept for this tender, this option is intended to facilitate the development of new ideas and approach ways which allow the development of programmatic and projectual innovative ideas that enhance and qualify the façades of the existing buildings and surrounding area; outdoor spaces and street layout.
It is assumed that the solutions to be submitted to the tender are based on the recovery of the façades of existing buildings through its total or partial use, as well as a new formal and aesthetic language, or alternatively choose the design of a new façade, bearing in mind that this new structure may adopt technical and innovative construction solutions. In addition to the previously described, the study should focus not only on the property/properties, but look for the coherence of the project in the public space, which is targeted to be the qualifying object.
Proposals should not only consider solutions that help humanize the public space and to mitigate the impacts of such uses have on the territory but also to be held in the analysis of the public space of the surrounding urban fabric and the role that streets play in the municipal network. Include in the proposal 8 private parking lots destined to clients.



The place of study situated in D. Marcos da Cruz street, Perafita, Matosinhos, is placed in a predominantly urban area characterized by large areas of economic activities, which were growing side by side with residential areas, heavily urbanized. The rapid and strong industrial growth dictated a disordered urban growth, supported by the old municipal roads, assisted with meager standards and regulations. The absence of a strategic vision of qualifying installed urbanity led to an unqualified public space.


The purpose of the Prize is to inspire academic excellence and achieve public recognition for young students attending schools of architecture.
The Prizes awarded are:
a) 1st prize is a single sum of 2,500.00 € (two thousand and five hundred euros), for the designers of the winning proposal; The winner, together with the entire Jofebar technical team, will be able to develop the project design and oversee its construction. Jofebar shall provide support to the winner of the competition, making facilities available as well as all the equipment necessary for the development of the design (computer, application software, printing, etc.). Jofebar | PanoramAH! shall be responsible for deciding whether to build the winning proposal.
b) up to 3 (three) Honourable Mentions, non-cash prize;
c) diploma awarded to the designer(s) of the winning proposal;
d) diploma awarded to the designer(s) of the Honourable Mentions;
The Prizes are awarded by a Jury, under the terms and with the composition specified in this Regulation.

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