PROLOGOS: Redefining Refugee Architecture

Submission: February 28, 2022
Registration: February 28, 2022
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open Competition


PROLOGOS is a three-month online design competition that encourages future architects to re-imagine and create new typologies that tackle timely issues concerning the state of our nation. This competition aims to invite fresh thinking and out of the box solutions among young designers and give them the opportunity to express their views of the future of societies.

For this years theme, the competition aims to engage in a social and political debate in efforts to shift the negative narrative around refugees. With this, we are able to define and help build a positive narrative around population movements. This involves encouraging compassion around how we can achieve better mutual understanding and integration as a response to the increased numbers of people fleeing their home countries.

Refugee and mass migration is not a new phenomenon.  Architecture historian Michelle Provoost of Crimson argues that cities should be flexible to allow people to migrate in and out of it.  The historian cited the Italian city of Venice as a product of the European exodus.   Yet, the current approaches on refugee designs are ineffective.  Kilian Kleinschmidt points out current designs for refugees as ineffective.  In fact, these designs are even considered as “gimmicks” instead of actual effective solutions.  Refugees should be considered as permanent residents of a city instead of temporary visitors that will eventually return to their homeland citing that refugees live in refugee camps for an average of 17 years. With this in mind, how can designers come up with architectural solutions that will welcome a group of refugees into the Philippine community and embrace them as members of the Filipino society?


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  • People’s choice award

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