Qipao Town International Architecture Design Competition

Submission: October 08, 2016
Registration: September 03, 2016
Language: English, Chinese
Location: Qipao, China
Prizes: 1st Prize: RMB$200,000, 2nd Prize: RMB$100,000, 3rd Prize: RMB$50,000
Type: Open


Planning and construction of Qipao Town calls for the construction of five ‘core galleries’ (Qipao Museum, Qipao Research Institute, Qipao-themed Hotel, Qipao Women’s College and Qipao Outdoor-Show Venue). In view of this, an “International Architectural Design Competition” will be held. The objectives are to inspire public initiative and participation in urban construction, to utilize outstanding architectural design contest entries for vitalizing urban public spaces, and to guide urban developments with quality cultural products and innovative designs through “crowd sourcing and innovation” and “cultural creativity”, so as to establish unique cultural features for Wujiang’s Qipao Town, thereby expanding Wujiang’s cultural influence.


The spirit of workmanship permeates in every industry that invokes an ancient lineage, reflecting a relentless pursuit for excellence both in the workman’s work and attitude towards life. This spirit inevitably brings forth rich and dazzling cultural images which are ultimately the essence of China’s traditional culture.

Today we ought to contemplate the manner and means through which to integrate the essence of traditional culture with contemporary scenarios such as to spur the formation of new design ideas and consciousness. Put another way, we hope to discover fresh creativity in our cultural heritage.


Outstanding architectural firms and architects from around the world are invited to participate in the competition. Registration shall be conducted online, with no restrictions on the number of participants.

1) There is no restriction on participants’ age.
2) Competition participants must be professionals or students in architecture or other related fields.

Registration shall be carried out in compliance with “Guidelines on Registration” (Appendix 2).
Deadline: Saturday, September 03, 2016, 17:00.
Late registrations will not be accepted.
Qualification Confirmation
Log onto the Competition website or scan Competition barcode and click registration link.
The Competition Organizing Committee will confirm registration qualifications within 7 working days of registration by sending confirmation mail and registration number to the participant’s mailbox.


Saturday, October 08, 2016, 17:00.
Late submissions will not be accepted.

Final design requirements

Emphasis for the deliverables shall be on the expression of design concepts. As such they should contain design explanations, overall layout plan, layout plans for each level, main elevation drawing, main cross-section drawings, relevant analytical drawings and other drawings that are helpful in expressing design concepts. If there is a need to explain design conceptual drawings with working models, the latter may be included in the drawings by way of photograph. all documents can be in Chinese or Chinese/English. In the latter case, Chinese explanations shall take precedence. All measurement units shall comply with internationally accepted metric denominations.

Submission Request
USB drive or CD-ROM, with the registration number clearly labeled. Main content and format are as follows:
A.”Design Blueprint” documents: 3 sheets of A1 (841mm * 594mm)-size blueprints, landscape format. Design blueprints may not contain personal information in any form. (See figure below for format) The document format should be JPG or PDF; resolution should be no less than 300 dpi. Each drawing shall constitute one document, with each document named in the format “Registration Number + X + Drawing No.” (e.g. Registration No. is 160000001 and the Drawing No. is 1; the document should be named 160000001X1). Please save documents in folder named “1-design blueprint.”


First Prize (1 recipient): Award of RMB$200,000 + award certificate;
2nd Prize (two recipients): Award of RMB$100,000 + award certificate;
3nd Prize (three recipients): Award of RMB$50,000 + award certificate;
Merit Prize (four recipients): Award of RMB$10,000 + award certificate.
(Note: All prizes shall be given out; prize awards are inclusive of tax.)

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