QUARTER Urban design competition in Trnava, Slovakia

Submission:  22 SEPTEMBER 2023, 3 PM. – Stage I.
Registration:  22 SEPTEMBER 2023, 3 PM.
Language: English, Slovak, Czech
Location: Trnava, Slovakia


First prize: € 60,000
Second prize: € 48,000
Third prize: € 36,000
Those Stage 2 participants who are not awarded one of the prizes will
be paid remuneration in the amount of € 28,000 per participant. The
number of participants short-listed for the second stage is 3 to 5.

By competition purpose: project-oriented
By the scope of participants: open
By the subject matter of the competition: urbanism and landscaping
By competition process: two-stage

Trnava, the regional city of vision having 62,000 inhabitants, launches an international two-stage urban design competition of an
unprecedented scale across Slovakia. From the point of view of the history of the city ̓s development, this is a game-changer to be setting a new standard with respect to the preparation of the Land-use

The winning design will serve as a basis for updating the land-use plan of the zone situated in the eastern part of Trnava, covering 135 hectares. The territory spreading on the twice the area of the historic centre of Trnava has been defined for decades as a reserve for the city ̓s expansion. The municipality’s objective is to obtain a coherent vision for establishing a fully-fledged city ̓s quarter built on the principle of a sustainable fifteen-minute city prepared for climatic changes.

Competition website: https://stvrt.trnava.sk/en/quarter/
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Tags: urban design, masterplan, urban planning, city planning,
landscape, landscape and environmental planning, city park, new
quarter, quarter, trnava, slovakia

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Date: June 28, 2023