Rail Baltica competition

Submission: November 07, 2016
Registration: November 07, 2016
Language: English
Location: Riga, Latvia
Prizes: Total prize fund of the Competition is 150 000 EUR
Type: Open


A Sketch Design for a complex spatial development of the Riga Central multi-modal public transport hub in Riga and construction of the Rail Baltica Railway Bridge over the River Daugava. The Sketch Design should include functional and architectural solutions for rebuilding and expansion of the Riga passanger station, architectural and design solutions of levelling of the existing railway embankment and construction of a new overpass, structural design of the Rail Baltica Bridge over the River Daugava, master plan solutions for the entire development of the Competition area.


To obtain the most appropriate Sketch Design for the central multi-modal public transport hub in Riga and the Rail Baltica railway bridge in the territory encompassing the historic central railway station of Riga and its infrastructure, the embankment from Dzirnavu iela to Krasta iela and the planned Rail Baltica railway bridge over the River Daugava.

Competition site is located in the area of UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage site “Historic Centre of Riga” (Protection No. 852) and its protection zone as well as the national monument of urban area “RHC” (national defense No. 7442). Hereafter – Riga Historic Centre (RHC) or RHC and its protection zone territory.


Competition Participant has made itself acquainted with this Competition Brief and has expressed willingness to participate in the Competition by submitting the Sketch Design proposal containing the scope and drawn up in the manner detailed in this Competition Brief. Competition Participant within the last 5 (five) years prior to submission of the Sketch Design proposal has experience in preparation of at least 3 (three) construction design projects and/or in participation in sketch design competitions with approved design programs, where:

1. At least one sketch design or project relates to a multi-modal public transportation hub in urban environment with at least 5 million served passengers per year;

2. At least one engineering solution relates to a multi-modal bridge and/or transport overpass design in urban environment;

3. At least one project relates to UNESCO world cultural and natural heritage territory or culturally historical urban environment (this requirement is justified by a fact that the territory of Sketch Design is located within UNESCO world cultural and natural heritage site “Riga Historical Centre” (RVC) (state protection No. 7442), within UNESCo world heritage site No. 852 “Riga Historical Centre” and its protection zone). Average annual financial turnover of Competition Participant in the area of construction design within the last three years (2013, 2014, 2015) was at least EUR 500 000 (five hundred thousand euro).


Interested Competition Participants may be acquainted with the Competition Brief after registration for the Sketch Design Competition at web site www.metukonkurss.lv. A link to the Competition Brief will be sent to the email address stated by registered Interested Competition Participants at the moment of registration, within 3 (three) business days after registration.


Sketch Design proposal, which is prepared and drawn up in compliance with the Competition Brief, must be submitted in one copy to Responsible Jury Secretary Ms.Ilze Lukstiņa until 12:00 p.m. of 07 November 2016 at Gogoļa iela 3, Riga or another address that will be announced to Contestents in timely manner Sketch Design proposal must contain the following information:

1. Sketch Design, which is prepared in accordance with requirements set forth in Clause 10 of the Design Program in physical, printed form and in electronic form saved on CD-R, DVD or USB. In order to ensure anonymity of Competition Participants, the Sketch Designs must be submitted in a closed package, marked with a motto which consists of a combination of four letters and four digits and which grants the Competition Participant unclear identity and does not provide any indications of a personality of the Sketch Design author. 

2. Transcript of the motto (string of letters and digits) in a form detailed in Appendix 5 to this Agreement, which contains information on the author (authors) and: 

–       Application of the Competition participant for participation in the Competition ,

–       qualification documents of the Competition Participant,

–       The transcript of the motto (together with the application of the Competition Participant for participation in the Competition and qualification documents of the Competition Participant) must be submitted simultaneously with the Sketch Design, in a separate closed package.

3. Explanatory Notes of the Sketch Design.


From the 5th of July until 7th November, 2016


Total prize fund of the Competition is 150 000 EUR, including all taxes and duties:

1.First prize winner will be considered as the Competition Winner and will be awarded the prize of 80 000 EUR, including VAT;

2. Second prize – 50 000 EUR, including VAT;

3. Third prize – 20 000 EUR, including VAT.

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