Re-imagining the Artefact


Submission: November 01, 2021
Registration: November 01, 2021
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


In addition to the the 2021 AHRA conference, this year we are excited to announce a student design competition for provocative and speculative design proposals that reimagine a regional artefact into an architectural proposition. We invite undergraduate and postgraduate students to analyse their regional identity and its complexities. You have the opportunity to consider any regional artefact that you may relate to your understanding of ‘region’ – we encourage critical, creative and reflective readings and translations.

We accept ‘artefact’ in the broadest sense: it might be man-made or natural…an object, setting, memory, dream, story, poem, drawing, conflict or border. Your response should address four key questions:

  1. How do you critically define the meaning of ‘region’?
  2. How is that definition/perspective embodied in a regional artefact?
  3. How can you deconstruct, translate and reimagine this regional artefact into a spatial environment?
  4. What new purpose will your reconstructed artefact serve?

Your final design proposition may be abstract or literal and take the form of an occupiable space at the human, building or urban scale. We would like you to be rebellious and challenge the physicality of the constructed meaning of your regional artefact and think creatively about architecture as a tool to rescale / recompose / relocate / reimagine / rewrite its presence and meaning.

Submission requirements

1 or 2 A1 boards: these should include a visual reply to the four key questions and a 100-200 word written statement describing not only the meaning of region as you conceive it, but also the embodiment of that meaning in your selected artefact and the re-imagined translation of your design proposal.


The Re-imagining the Artefact competition welcomes all university-registered students from across the world who are interested in architecture, design, ethnography, anthropology, heritage and art. You may submit your piece individually or as a team.


1st place: £500
2nd place: £250
3rd place: £100
The results and the winners will also be exhibited through social media and REGION AHRA 2021 website.

>>> Go to the competition’s website <<<