Render Up – 20-day challenge by Delopus

Submission: August 5, 2021
Registration: August 5, 2021
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open, Rendering Competition


Participate in the Render Up – 20 day challenge by Delopus powered by TADesign
Post your architectural rendering on the Delopus App and win prizes worth Rs 4000.


1- Compete by posting your project on delopus through www.delopus.com or by downloading the Delopus App.
2-   In the project description (On the Delopus App), “#Renderup” should be specified.
3-     All the participants must follow the @tadesignindia Insta page.
4-   The winners would be selected based on the number of likes received on the Delopus App.


1st – Rs. 2500 cash prize
2nd – Rs. 500 cash prize + Rs 500 worth gift coupon
3rd – Rs 500 worth gift coupon


>>> Go to the competition’s website <<<