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Results: 2016 Botanical Architectural Competition

The word Botanical has an extended meaning of “plant” and “botany”. Speaking of Botanical Architecture, in a broad meaning it may be interpreted as a “plant like building” or a “building made of plants” then in a narrow sense it may be interpreted as a “construction of a botanical garden”.

Putting that as a base, it is very interesting to finding out how the architects will widen the word in their own imagination.

If, a botanical source is to cut a plant out of its original environment as a collection classification, moving in an airship and gathering plant specimens around the world by sky, that may be a definition act to symbolize botanical.

1st prize

Eduardo Enrique  Tapia Duarte
/ Colombia /

First Prize-Eduardo Enrique Tapia Duarte

Eduardo’s drawing (first place winner) gives the feeling of excitement like the great exploration era, but then surprisingly has a low impact in anyway of political and environmental.

2nd prize

Sayo Iwamoto
/ Japan /

Second Prize- Sayo Iwamoto

Iwamoto’s drawing (second place) is a suggestion to secure existing vacant land as a connection to become homes for small creatures and plants.

Merit Prize

Kou Kasai & Takahiro Sugiyama & Ken Tamura

/ Japan /

Merit Pize- Kou Kasai _ Takahiro Sugiyama _ Ken Tamura

The (fine work) drawing of Kasai, Sugiyama and Tamura shows, even the earth is an open environment system, by cutting out the environment here and there with a huge impermeant transparent cube is a way to watch the environment originally evolve by its own eco-systemic national seclusion.

Merit Prize

Gongyang Tan & Dan Chen

/ China /

Merit Prize-Gongyang Tan _ Dan Chen

In an underground space, displaying specimens of plants as a grave marker that has been vanished away by civilization, the drawing of Tang and Chen (fine work) is like a pictorial book of extinct plants like architecture showing the history of plants and civilization.

These 3 drawings seem to define the narrow sense of botanical. Plant groups including biodiversity makes networks by connecting from place to place.

 Merit Prize


/ Vietnam /

Merit Prize- LE ANH VU

Drawing of LE (fine work) includes building-like construction trying to capture the connection. Plant groups have effects in making border vague.

Merit Prize

Sugiura Gaku & Mari Takahashi

/ Japan /

Merit Prize-Sugiura Gaku _ Mari Takahashi

Sugiura and Takahashi drawing (fine work) pays attention to the borderline.

Merit Prize

Gaku Inoue & Ken Aakatuka

/ Japan /

Merit Prize- Gaku Inoue _ Ken Aakatuka

Inoue, Akatsuka drawing (fine work) focuses on the border of the residential areas. Then also there is a suggestion by coordination making relations with nature by insertion of artifact buildings.

Merit Prize

Neoki Saito

/ Japan /

Merit Prize-Neoki Saito

Drawing of Saito (fine work) is to amplify the power of the place by adding something constructively in a small space in the forest.

Merit Prize

Dongming He

/China /

Merit Prize-Dongming He

Making a vague border in a forest to promote various acts is the drawing of He (fine work).

Merit Prize

Hiroto Takesawa

/ Japan /

Merit Pize- Hiroto Takesawa

Takizawa’s drawing (fine work) is very interesting in how the word plant is described as a botanical plant and also as a factory plant describing and connecting the two as a source of energy.

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Date: April 14, 2017