bon sons_1st place


Bons Sons is a Portuguese music festival that takes place in the third weekend of august, in Cem Soldos village.
Organized by the local cultural association SCOCS, Bons Sons intends to be a platform of Portuguese music release, where you can watch and listen what’s best done in Portugal, introducing new projects and renowned artists to the audience.

Winners of EIRA LOUNGE PAVILION 2016 listed below:

1st Prize

“Team: Colletivo Arcipelago” –  Bari, Itlay


bon sons_1st place

The proposal responds clearly to the questions raised in the competition briefing and was unanimously considered the first classified. Creates an engagement with the public and the community, creating an effective relationship in its construction and maintenance.

Instils a relationship with the imagery of Eira and local agricultural traditions – olive picking. Meets budget limits and is easy to perform.
Particular note for the presentation of the proposal, and the level of detail of the construction system and visitor interaction. It is a changing, dynamic and challenging project due to formal unpredictability.

Defines a central role in the enclosure is iconographic, and enhances a relationship with the light design of the stage.

2nd Prize

Team: Marc Timo Berg, Rebecca Galley  – Cottbus, Germany


A structure that creates a living space on site, working as a landmark in the landscape.
With conceptual and sculptural quality, well developed and which meets the practical needs of visitors. Does not present budget, and of the analysis, the project indicates implementation difficulties within the budgetary limits.

3rd Prize



Alice Cardoso, Pedro Barros – Braga, Portugal

3rd place_bon_sons

The jury highlights how strong point, contemporary reinterpretation of decorations festivals. The proposal reflects an understanding of the place and defines a central role.
The materiality of the structure creates a play of light and shadow and enhances the relationship with the light design Eira stage. The answer is assertive with technical and structural solutions, making itself one of the strengths of this project.

Honorable mentions: ID00010; ID00080; ID00090; ID000190; ID000240; ID000280; ID000300

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Date: June 5, 2016