Results: Gaudi Architecture Prize 2020

Silk Matters is pleased to announce the winners of Gaudi Architecture Prize 2020- International Design Awards. With submissions from around 52 countries, we saw a set of incredible student projects from across the globe.  Jurors have selected over 40 winning entries and 20 honorable mentions across 4 categories: Architecture, Urban Design, Interior Design and Furniture Design.

Gaudi Architecture Prize is an International Design Award program held by Silk Matters organization from 10th July 2020 to 1st November 2020 that focusses on promoting the student community of Architecture and Design. This award aims to provide a platform for students and recent graduates to showcase their un-built academic and idea projects.

gaudi competition

List of Winners


Commercial Building Award

Winners – After Image by Shuo Feng, Yingying Hu (United States)

Cultural Building Award

Winners – Palazzo Pubblico by Matthias Pabst (Germany)

Educational Building Award

Winners – Towards Nature by Anton Bondarchuk, Cecilia Armellini (Ukraine)

Green Building Award

Winner – Sandscraper: Making sandstorms a lasting treasure by Mekemta Jodel Bismarc (Togo)

Healthcare Building Award

Winner- LOOP- The playful Alzheimer’s house by Tom Paturel (France)

Hospitality Building Award

Winner – Taagh & Taarmeh: A space to experience the story of a city by Bahareh Arjomandi (Iran)

Humanitarian Building Award

Winner – Dwelling Beyond Living by Byungjun Cho (South Korea)

Industrial Building Award

Winner – Rural Alchemy by Jose Lacruz Vela (Spain)

Mixed Use Building Award

Winner – The Ark of Antwerp by Andrew Zi Hang Law (Malaysia)

Pop ups and Temporary structures

WinnersNexormorphosis by Oksana Tyltina, Theresa Lohse (Germany) and

A Tale of Time by Abhinav Goel, Karthika Ranjit (India)

Public Building Award

Winner – The Word Event by Lafina Eptaminitaki (United States)

Residential Building Award

Winner – Hambo – Bolonia’s Multidimensional Habitation by Sergio Eduardo Mutis (Colombia)

Sports and Recreational Building Award

Winner – Breathing new Life into Abandoned Airstrip by Ali Amine Al haj Sulayman (Lebanon)

Transportation Building Award

Winner – XI’AN Train Station by Álvaro Martin Gonzalez, Jorge Cobo Susperregui (Spain)



Indoor Furniture Design Award

Winner – The Swinging Chair by Héctor Egido Jiménez (Spain)

Street/ Urban Furniture Design Award

Winner – Endless by Pornpawee Uliss (Thailand)



Commercial Interior Award

Winner – Adaptable Variants by Veronica Pantin (United States)

Cultural Interior Award

Winner – Explore with Stairs by Fangming Cai (United States)

Institutional Interior Award

Winner – Refurbishment and Interior Design for University of Genoa by Thomas Goessler (Austria)

Residential Interior Award

Winner – Co-Live by Rebeca Zhu Cao (United States)



Urban Design Award

Winner – Topographic Urban Expansion: A Landscape Armature on Hillsides of Mexico City by Qiwei Song (Canada)

Urban Housing Award

Winner – Berlin Anti – Wall by Moritz Maier (Singapore)

Urban Restoration Award

Winner – Architecture Deters Violence by Jana Omari (Israel)

Streetscape and Landscape Award

Winner – Grafted microtopies for future citizenships by Susy Milagros Torres Chicoma (Peru).

Please see website for runner up and honorable mentions.

Date: November 16, 2020